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Adele-ing With Life

…get it? I’m Adele-ing with life. As in I’m dealing but with Adele. Adeleing.

This album. She is a goddess. I listened to it three times in a row today. 535 more words

Day #359 - Friday Funny

Jumping off the thank you train today…for a quick Friday funny.

A classic spectrum moment.

On his way home this week my husband decided to bring us all ice cream treats. 513 more words

Valentine's Day and the art of Not Going Out

I know, I said on Friday that I’d post again on Saturday, and then I didn’t end up doing that. Sorry, I’m a bad person. 1,539 more words


Hikes & Movies in the Park

Google Shopping Express is a wonderful thing.

I can be sitting around craving sweets and because I’m often too lazy to actually get up and go get something, I can simply open my computer, choose what I want, and Google delivers it within a few hours! 465 more words

Sweet Treats

Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce, Mint Chocolate Chips, and Marshmallow Fluff (Phish Food-style)

I think it is worth noting that the ice cream I share with you today is eggless. There are different ways of doing this, and different reasons for doing it. 595 more words

Fudging Ahead

52/Improving Posts/Student Survey

My second post in the comfort zone directive had me surveying random VCU students around campus to find out what their favorite flavor of HD was. 214 more words

Day 238 - Phish Food Cupcakes

Ok.  Can I just say.  Ben & Jerry.  They’re really figured it out!  Some of the most amazing flavors (and flavor combinations) ever.  Like.  Seriously.  EVER!  251 more words

Baking And Confections