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Definition: (noun) The food-conducting tissue of vascular plants, consisting of sieve tubes, fibers, parenchyma, and sclereids. Synonyms: bast Usage: “Girdling” a tree, or cutting through its phloem tubes, results in the starvation of the roots and, ultimately, the death of the tree. Discuss.

Root development in Bonsai

It pays to know something about the anatomy and physiology of roots when it comes to developing the root system of Bonsai trees. It is said that a tree mimics its above ground growth to what happens with root growth below ground level. 871 more words

Barking in Kent

I like lichen but I¬†also like bark… feeling a little stumped here…

Just rooting around…

Got my eye on you

… and this one is just so beautiful! 79 more words

Bits And Pieces

Scientific knowledge supports Bonsai cultivation

The old debate of whether Bonsai is Art or Horticulture is actually a non-event as we all by now know that a dead tree cannot be designed as a Bonsai and be admired as a living sculpture. 477 more words

Angelo Musco

Originally the inspiration for piecing a collage together in our group work Angelo Musco creates dark and emotional landscapes using the human form. The tree scape below is formed of over a million naked bodies edited together inch by inch is post production which he calls ‘Beautification’. 331 more words