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Animation - Transport of Water and Sugar in Plants

Animation – Transport of Water and Sugar in Plants.

This is perfect for KS4, specifically unit B4e, an animation regarding the key processes of plant transport in xylem and phloem. 44 more words


Angelo Musco

Originally the inspiration for piecing a collage together in our group work Angelo Musco creates dark and emotional landscapes using the human form. The tree scape below is formed of over a million naked bodies edited together inch by inch is post production which he calls ‘Beautification’. 331 more words


Living Hollow Trees

Occasionally one comes across a living tree with a portion of its trunk, or its entire trunk, hollow. How is it possible for a tree to thrive even when its center, or heart, has completely decayed? 242 more words

Phloem Transport: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

Most of the work you do on transport in plants concerns the movement of water and minerals from the roots to the leaves of the plants in… 270 more words

E Block

Dream catchers, can you catch reality as well?


Ever Dissect A Tree?

Surely, you’ve seen a cross cut wood round. Many of you have probably even cut some. However, have you ever dissected a tree to see the various layers? 429 more words

Tree Care

Cambium, phloem, xylem...

I love bark, I’m fascinated by it… not just to help me identify a tree, but because there is such an infinite variety of colours, patterns, textures, it is wonderful and interesting.. 303 more words

Bits And Pieces