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Phloem is a tissue inside of plants that conducts sugars and metabolic products. The living cells that make up phloem are what transport sap through the tree leaves, therefore spreading nutrients outwards. 

20. Vascular Plant Tissue

This is the leaf of a hedge maple. It provides an example of vascular plant tissue because the vascular tissue is where the circulation of nutrients from the sun begins. 11 more words


Phloem is a tissue in plants that conducts sugars, food from the leaves, and other metabolic products to other parts of the plant. Sap is a fluid that is in moved phloem cells of a plant. 25 more words


This is a picture of celery stalk bundled together. It is an example of a plant that has pholem within it. Pholem is the vascular tissue within the “meat” of the plant that transfers sugars out of the leaves.

“Vein”, Am I?

“Serving up, bro!” shouted Xylo in an unusually shrill voice. “Tone it down, will you, mate?” came the quick gruff retort from Phlo, “I got a load of supplies lined up in arrears already”. 486 more words

A Sliver Of Life


In all my banana-eating life, I always called those stringy things on bananas stringy things on bananas.  I never knew their name was phloem (pronounced floem).   236 more words

Cell Types Involved in the Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Plants

Plants are known to synthesize diverse groups of phytochemicals in the different cell types. So, they are claimed as “the great chemists of nature” by Peter J. 760 more words