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The transport system in plants

Only a Hobbit would be able to demonstrate that a plant’s transport system is a tree’s ability to walk to the Tower. In the real world, a plant’s transport system moves water and nutrients throughout the plant. 654 more words

The Plant Kingdom

Photo Blog #22 (Phloem)

This is a picture of a flower, flowers like other plants get their food through photosynthesis. It is the leafs part of the plants job to collect the sunlight, but even after the plant has the food (Glucose and other metabolic products) it still needs to get down to the rest of the plant or flower, that is where the phloem comes in. 16 more words


What Flows In and Out of Phloem

This week, our city employees cut a diseased tree on my street. You couldn’t design a better experiment to map the location of phloem in a tree! 413 more words

Plant Chemistry

Plants and the Process of Photosynthesis - DR

This week we learned what the structure of a plant looks like and how photosynthesis is used to produce the health of the plant. Now as we all know, photosynthesis is the process by which a plant sustains its life. 520 more words

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers Drilling Wells & Lapping Sap

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers have returned and in between sending their Morse code messages, are drilling into over 1,000 species of woody plants to obtain sap.  At this time of year, sap wells are drilled into xylem tissues (transport water and nutrients from roots to branches) to feed on sap that is moving upward; after deciduous species leaf out, sap wells tap phloem tissues (transport sugars and other nutrients made in the leaves to other parts of the tree).  157 more words

Sugar: From Source to Sink

“What are the main sugar sources and sugar sinks in a plant? How is it possible for some organs to be both a source and a sink at different times? 424 more words

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