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In all my banana-eating life, I always called those stringy things on bananas stringy things on bananas.  I never knew their name was phloem (pronounced floem).   236 more words

Cell Types Involved in the Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Plants

Plants are known to synthesize diverse groups of phytochemicals in the different cell types. So, they are claimed as “the great chemists of nature” by Peter J. 760 more words


Term 2 - Week 1 & 2 - Plant Science

The first two weeks of term 2 have been focused on Plant Science (botany). It is essential to have knowledge around the basic structure of plants and the processes within plants (like photosynthesis) to help understand some practical things, such as grafting, wilting plants, pollination, seed production and pruning. 424 more words

The transport system in plants

Only a Hobbit would be able to demonstrate that a plant’s transport system is a tree’s ability to walk to the Tower. In the real world, a plant’s transport system moves water and nutrients throughout the plant. 654 more words

The Plant Kingdom

Photo Blog #22 (Phloem)

This is a picture of a flower, flowers like other plants get their food through photosynthesis. It is the leafs part of the plants job to collect the sunlight, but even after the plant has the food (Glucose and other metabolic products) it still needs to get down to the rest of the plant or flower, that is where the phloem comes in. 16 more words