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The One Where... We All Went To Friends Fest

I am a die hard fan of Friends.  I can speak most episodes word for word (apparently that can be annoying) and I am fluent in Friends quotes and I don’t even care if you find that annoying. 584 more words


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Top 10: Friends Episodes

In honour of my favourite sitcom ever, I thought it time to tell you all my 10 favourite episodes from the 10 wonderful seasons created between 1994-2004. 1,284 more words


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Imagination Tuesdays - If I were a character from Glee

I would be, none other than, Brittany S. Pierce.

Not only is she a genius, but she is also very artistic, whimsical, and absolutely adorable. The best part about her is, she is a great dancer. 88 more words


Found Sound 08-28-15

Taylor Swift, while at a concert in L.A., brought Lisa Kudrow on stage. The two of them sang “Smelly Cat,” the famous song from “Friends,” and Donald Trump addresses the years-old rumor that his hair is fake, brought on by a recent accusation by a Los Angeles based radio announcer who called him “el hombre del peluquín,” which basically means “the man of the toupee.” 16 more words


Taylor Swift's Special Guest Causes Social Media Frenzy

Well, when does Taylor Swift not cause a social media frenzy?

It’s 9:50 a.m. After taking an early multimedia production class, sleep is all I can think of. 137 more words