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My Top 10 Favorite "Friends" Episodes

If you’ve ever seen Friends–and I hope you have–you’ll know how hard making this list had to be. These are going to be my top 10 favorite episodes from the TV series, Friends. 831 more words


Let's Talk About Character : Friends Edition

*cue theme music*

Almost the whole world has seen this extremely popular sitcom, but in case you haven’t:


One of my favorite topics to discuss is character development, so I wouldn’t feel the time if this post was ten pages long. 872 more words


Women Who Are Super Quirky!

“Oh my god I’m just so fucking weird and zany and arcane it’s bursting out of my body at any given second!” seems to be the constant exclamation emanating from what can best be deemed as the “super quirky! 295 more words

Maybe a plan?

I took the past couple of days off to catch up on sleep and to take in a concert.  Tonight I’m back.

I’d like to tell you guys that tonight I’m going to write about a fascinating topic that I spent the past couple of days preparing for while I took those nights off from writing.  629 more words

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10 Reasons Phoebe from "Friends," is Still One of My Idols

She was there over 20 years ago & still is today.

Over the summer, Taylor and I were given an Amazon Fire Stick, and access to his parent’s Netflix account. 1,086 more words


FriendsTv Daily Ep. 1

Here are some images of Friends Tv Show Season 1 Episode 1 108 more words


Why I Love F·R·I·E·N·D·S

   F·R·I·E·N·D·S, as we know it, is one of the most popular and most sought-after sitcoms in history. Even up to this day a lot of people still watch it as if it were made in this generation. 375 more words