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I think that a lot of writers (published or unpublished) spend a lot of time not writing, but pretending that we’re at least doing something related to it. 350 more words


Dance in the dark

I can see the moon over the meadow, As you twirl into my arms. We’ll dance in the dark, And race the rivers where they run. 21 more words


In Praise of Phoebe From Friends

Praise was high for Joey from Friends, but we’ve got to do another one of these to hail Lisa Kudrow’s brilliant performance as quirky oddball Phoebe Buffay. 472 more words


My 7 Running Routes in Qatar

Whether you like walking, jogging or running, Doha won’t disappoint you with the abundant running lanes they built for everyone to use! They have just been sitting there waiting for us to choose to live a healthy life :P I usually run after work and on weekends and I’m so happy it only takes a good 10-minute walk to my favorite park from my house ♥ If you’re unsure where to run later or on Friday, here’s a lit of my top picks (click the names for the map): 756 more words


Phoebe Buffay (from Friends) is a Time Traveler

By Rachael Brennan

Everybody remembers the show Friends, right? Set in New York City, the show centered around a group of crazies in their late twenties. 1,343 more words

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Two generations of viewpoints on “Friends,” now on Netflix

For many Gen Xers, the TV show Friends defined an era, our era.

The show started airing in September 1994, during my last year in high school. 404 more words

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Why Phoebe and Joey were the best FRIENDS characters

Most of the time when you ask someone who their favourite Friends character is, I often find the answer is usually Rachel or Chandler, it’s rarely Phoebe or Joey. 2,427 more words