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Friday with Friends: The One with the Halloween Party

In this episode of Friends, Pheobe has another encounter with her evil twin sister, Ursula:

Phoebe: Ursula! (Ursula turns, smiles, and continues walking.) Wait! Err-err, it’s me!

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A Selfless Good Deed

After dropping in on the old folks, my Nonna asked me to buy her something from the shop. She took out her coin purse and gave me a couple of pounds, ignoring my request to buy it for her – typical Nonna. 143 more words


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“Watch three episodes of FRIENDS and call me in the morning,” if I were an MD that would be scribbled all over my prescription pad. 690 more words

My Pop Funko Collection

Hi guys! So last week, I did a What’s Up Wednesday and I talked about how I managed to finally get the limited edition Sadness Pop Funko. 769 more words

Prečo milujeme seriál Priatelia/Friends

Poriadkom posadnutá Monica, naivná Rachel, uletená Phoebe, vtipný Chandler, mudroško Ross a trošku hlúpy Joey..Kto by ich nepoznal? Pamätám si, keď som chodila na základnú školu koncom ´90 rokov a tento seriál dávali o pol osmej večer. 212 more words