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I'm Watching Friends: S1.E10

Phew, guys. This task of blogging about every Friends episode is becoming difficult. I’ve officially decided I am going to finish season one and then stop. 871 more words


Mouths to Feed

Phoebe parents work hard to keep their demanding babies well-fed. As the hatchlings grew, their little “I’m hungry!” peeps became squawks that were so loud I had to close the front door!  7 more words


Fuzzy Heads

For about a month, one of the phoebes was always in the nest overnight. I looked forward to coming home after work to check on them. 37 more words


Getting Real

A friend of mine recently said something that I just loved that is SO TRUE.  When we face difficult situations, like this pregnancy with Phoebe, so often we gloss over the heartache with Christian-ese that makes people outside the Christian world want to gag. 969 more words

To P.E. or not to P.E.

Endless push ups. Tiring sit ups. Repetitive jumping jacks. No, this isn’t the military it was my P.E. class. I never considered myself athletically inclined, but I was always sad when I missed P.E. 935 more words


March 17 - Jim Irwin

March 17th 1930: astronaut Colonel James Benson Irwin, USAF, born in Pittsburgh PA.

In 1971 Irwin, Apollo 15 lunar module pilot, became the eighth man to walk on the Moon, spending over 18 hours on the surface.   154 more words

Going On Up There Then