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FRIENDS! My new favorite show...

Last week I started watching NBC’s “the Friends” on Netflix. I’m now halfway through season one. I’ve seen many episodes of  “the Friends,” in my lifetime, but I have never seen them all in order. 457 more words

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'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce' for divorced girls: Feelings

Season 2 | Episode 11 | “Rule #118: Let Her Eat Cake” | Aired Feb 9, 2016

Recently divorced women across America are tuning in to… 1,097 more words

Review - Ethos - Phoebe

Who wouldn’t be a bit curious to feel banana fibre in a wrap? While not an actual “silk” fibre, this wrap doesn’t have the shiny, lux feeling that one might be imagining from the silk descriptor. 341 more words

I'll Be There For You: What FRIENDS Teaches Us About Love

This post contains several Friends spoilers. I’m including a disclaimer, even though the show started twenty-two years ago. Aren’t I nice? :) 

Thanks to the differences in mine and my husband’s work schedules, I often find myself in an empty house with no sound there to keep me company aside from the meowing of the cat. 1,011 more words


A Few for Sunday

A sunny day, but too chilly for the anoles. I only saw two or three of them today, and the anoles I saw were darting deep into greenery along the fences. 64 more words


Friends - The Greatest Creation

Let me put you on the right path to begin with, I’m not talking about friends in general, although they can be pretty great too. I’m talking more specifically this week on the American sitcom… 469 more words

The One Where R Writes a Cover Letter

Ok, so B has been carrying this blog for the past month as I moved to a new city, applied and interviewed for jobs, started working, and house hunted (and then moved). 294 more words