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Carly is Phoebe's Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas!

This is miss Carly! She’s Phoebe’s Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas!  This shepherd mix is very sweet, full of energy and ready to keep you smiling with her goofy puppy antics. 27 more words


Favorite Friends Episodes

Anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE Friends fan. I totally geeked out when I found Friends was going to be added to Netflix even though I own all 10 seasons on DVD. 195 more words

Sunday Poetry - W B Yeats

I’m going to indulge in some photos of Lucky & Phoebe today with yet another cat poem. Both cats love lounging on the back porch, especially in this mild weather. 264 more words


Pit Fightee

“Get up!”

My handler’s gruff hollering broke through my punch-drunk haze and everything came flooding back from there. My arms quivered. My body screamed. My legs cramped; I had been running circles away from my opponent and was exhausted, completely out of steam. 789 more words


Eastern freebie

Blending in with the smooth gray tree trunks & charcoal shadows, this little Eastern phoebe was still noticeable as it groomed, preened, and perch-posed — a nice complimentary performance.


Let Us Not Live in Vain.

Dear friends, 

As we start a new week, I would like to encourage you with some of my favorite words from Emily Dickinson:

If I can stop one heart from breaking, 45 more words


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