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The Impact Of Home Mortgages

You might not realize the mortgage you select can have an impact on personal cash flow, risk management, asset accumulation, retirement and many other things. It is important that your mortgage broker ask you questions relating to these things to help guide you to make the right mortgage decision based on your needs. 56 more words

Dream In A Box

A dream in a box, a contract to toss, pull it under, over, upwards across.

Poignant pain, bloodloss to gain, crippling arms, building up shame. 50 more words

Managing a Loved One's Care from Out of State

Today we welcome guest blogger Max Gottlieb, content manager of Senior Planning in Phoenix, Arizona.

Managing a Loved One’s Care from Out of State

Whether you are in the same house, same town, or out of state, successfully caring for a loved one can be a challenge. 706 more words


How Electrical Signs Can Keep Everyone Safe

Potential dangers exist in almost every facet of electrical work. Electric Compliance signs work to translate what’s happening in an environment, to make visible otherwise invisible dangers, in easy to see images, concise text, and recognizable color combinations. 37 more words

Solar Label Standards

The solar industry doesn’t yet have a nationally adopted standard when it comes to labeling photovoltaic equipment. However, most cities create their own requirements and those requirements are often similar. 21 more words

Photovoltaic Equipment Tags

Worried you’re not in compliance with photovoltaic tag regulations? Accurate Signs has experience making any tags for PV equipment you may need. Review your city’s particular requirements, place an order, and leave the precise results to us. 20 more words