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Launching into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Do you know where I was when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was first released in 2001? I sure don’t recall. Even if I could remember, it probably wouldn’t matter much anyway because I never had the system it was on, the Gameboy Advance.  824 more words


The Best Nintendo 3DS Games of 2016

One of the best, most varied gaming console libraries belongs to the 3DS platform.

During the remainder of 2016, Nintendo’s portable device stayed alive due to a bevy of incredible games. 1,703 more words


Visual Novel Theatre- Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Man, Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney. You remember those games? I didn’t, apparently, because I completely missed this new release until Red Metal reminded me it existed. 2,146 more words

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Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 3): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

It’s the day after Christmas and New Year’s is poised to have its turn in the holiday spotlight. As some of us are recovering from another holiday of eating, drinking, and successfully navigating a boisterous get together with loved ones, I’m taking some time to dutifully give you my end of the month progress report with my ongoing video game challenge. 458 more words

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Character Spotlight: Phoenix Wright

Happy Tuesday!

The end of the month (and the year!) is coming before we know it.

So, here’s the Character Spotlight for December!

I swear I didn’t pick Phoenix to be this month’s spotlight because of that news article I found a few weeks ago. 304 more words

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Blog update 2- Dealing with Cellulitis

I know I have not been posting yesterday and Friday do to me having ommited to the hospital for Cellulitis. If you don’t know what it is, its an infection of the skin and the tissue under the skin. 139 more words


Phoenix Wright is Real!

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here.

I don’t typically pay attention to the news because it’s always so dark and depressing.

However, an old friend of mine posted something on Facebook that caught my eye. 406 more words

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