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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Phoenix Finds True Friends

The Story: Phoenix Wright is a rookie attorney that is mentored under Mia Fey at Fey & co. Law Offices. When his friend Larry gets caught in trouble, he finally works his first case in court to help clear his name. 650 more words

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Her Story - Analysis

Sam Barlow, a game developer best known for two of the more recent Silent Hills, was quite disappointed with a few contemporary attempts at investigation-based video games. 1,714 more words

Hold it! New Ace Attorney game will feature BOTH Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice... again

The Ace Attorney series, known in Japan as “Gyakuten Saiban” (turnabout trial) has established itself as a major player in the interactive visual novel market… 385 more words


Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All

The story of Phoenix Wright continues with some mystery from his first game. The cases were consistently good I thought, with the last one really standing out as it should to leave you thinking and wanting more. 439 more words

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OBJECTION! Anime de Ace Attorney (finalmente) é anunciado e detalhes sobre AA6

Hoje é um dia em que deus olhou pra mim e disse: “Vai, Marcela! Vai ser hype na vida!” 621 more words


Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Anime Adaptation

It’s the Anime adaptation we’ve all been waiting for. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a series of video games with more titles than you could point at stick at, and enough fans across the world to have kept it alive and well for many years, with no end in sight. 193 more words


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 - Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer

It wasn’t actually too long ago that Capcom announced Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 and already we’re getting the upcoming game’s very first trailer. Thus is the power of… 113 more words