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(Aster) Ace Attorney Episodes 2-4: Case 2: Turnabout Sisters Review

Ahhh yes, the case that truly introduces some of the biggest cast members of the original Ace Attorney Trilogy – Turnabout Sisters. In this case we finally get to see Demon Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in action – as well as Maya Fey. 526 more words

Review 12: “The First Turnabout” from “Ace Attorney”

Do I really need to describe what the “Ace Attorney” license means? Fine: “Turnabout Storm,” or “Ace Attorney” in the US, is a series of video games that have a rather small but deeply devoted fan base in the United States and especially Japan. 635 more words


Ace Attorney episode 2 Review

So Mia Fey dies in this episode. I was honestly shocked by this fact because it seemed like Mia was going to have a big role in this series. 393 more words


Will the Phoenix Wright Anime Welcome Newcomers or is it just fan Pandering?

One thing I must admit I worry about when I write reviews here on my blog is whether as a fan I can be subjective enough to give a good review of something, and not entirely let my emotional connection to a piece influence me completely when critiquing something. 398 more words


Spring Anime's Part 2! "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney"

Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney!

Sadly I must admit I am still not finished the game I bought for my DS but this first episode did make me want to go back and finish it. 144 more words


Ace Attorney Episode 2

From now on, I will be reviewing the even-numbered episodes of Ace Attorney, and Moeronpan the odd-numbered ones. Also, as this is a mystery series, this and most future episodes will contain… 813 more words

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