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Ace Attorney X Capcom Cafe

**Please note that the post is accurate as on June 23 2017**

Note: As I play the games in English, I’m most familiar with their English translated names so all references to the game and its characters in this post will be using their English counterparts. 1,765 more words

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Free Maya Fey Cross Stitch Pattern Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Cross stitch pattern of Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series. Thanks to Kyougi Ryu for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Maya Pattern

Grid Size: 63W x 68H… 139 more words

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You think so, Phoenix?  May I redirect you to this post?

The Drop Zone - Ace Attorney

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of A-1 Pictures

I’m Bananaowns and this is the Drop Zone, a series where I take a look at shows that I stopped watching.  232 more words


Ace Attorney (2012) - The Best Example of a Costumed Ball in the Courtroom

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the more predominant visual novel adventure game series in gaming. The iconic poses, the objections, the distinct character designs and the over the top reactions, there is no way one who has come across such a series can really forget it especially when it has entered the pop culture space with memes and gathered quite the following outside of Japan. 1,576 more words