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Reading: The new media landscape

David Campbell of “The new media landscape” divide into three part: ‘Contours of change’, ‘The Importance of Community’ and ‘Community, transactions and value’. In the ‘Contours of change’ as David said, Disintermediation, disruption, ecology, disaggregation and free are the contours of change in the new media landscape.  394 more words

“Sri Lanka father and son"

This is my “Sri Lanka father and son”. It can serve as an illustration on the National Geographic magazine, this is the picture tells us that one pair of ordinary Sri Lankan father and son enjoying the leisurely seaside scenery, showing the lives of the ordinary people of Sri Lanka gesture. 9 more words

idea and research

this module is to enable students to show the transition from a “traditional” photographic supplier to an informed “post-photographic” storyteller. It reminds me that the high school Chinese class, the teacher let us analyze the content of ancient poetry. 311 more words

Coventry blitz

This photo search from Google, how would this photo have been presented in today’s social and multi media environment? I think it was scanned and posted on internet.  79 more words

Reading: Remix

In Lawrence Lessig “Remix”, a Harvard law professor and a respected voice in what he deems the “copyright wars”, describes the disjuncture between the availability and relative simplicity of remix technologies and copyright law. 154 more words

Reading: Bending the Frame

As a student of photography, this book to be a great resource and a top read. It has clear ideas set out in a comprehensible format, presents contemporary issues in an erudite and thought-provoking manner, includes links to relevant photographers and websites, and it is all conveyed in a way that engages and inspires the reader without being too heavily academic. 57 more words

Shaun Hides Talk - Research Methodology

Perhaps the defining part of this module was that we as the group could shape our own timetable and decide what lectures would benefit us in relation to writing our research papers. 707 more words