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Phonar: Publication

For this module, the class and I have decided to create a book containing all of our tasks inside. The class and designed a template as a guide to display my pages so it was up to me how I can place each task in the guide. 290 more words

Phonar// Publication

Here are my publication pages for Phonar 2016. 387 more words



As a class we are responding to the Photographers Playbook with a publication of our own: a book. We have designed a template together, as there is a big class it is going to be quite hard to keep everything consistent. 375 more words


Phonar: Task 5 - Step 6 (Postcard to Massimo Vitali)

For the final step of task 5 I had to make a communication with the author of my assignment just like in my other tasks. For this step however I wanted to move away from the more traditional forms of communication such as letter and email and send Massimo Vitali a postcard. 75 more words


Phonar Task 5

  1. Tweet

2. Portrait of author posted on Instagram:

3. Image made in the style of author posted on Instagram:

4. Completed task:

5. Critical rationale: 457 more words


Letter of Communication

Whilst researching into Tamm’s life and career, I struggled to find first hand resources, whether that be from a personal website, interviews or artist statements (none of which I could particularly find). 258 more words


Critical Rationale

Triin Tamm’s love of the book form was apparent from the moment I read her assignment. I found that this task represented my ideal assignment, if there ever were one, and was most fitting to my creative interests, book making. 367 more words