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267MC Phonar Task One Part One

Phonar (photography & narrative) is my final module that I am completing at university. The module is going to be based around ‘The Photographers Playbook’, and we will complete the tasks either individually or as a group. 1,191 more words


Phonar-Task Two: The Final Outcome

Critical Rationale:

I found it hard deciding which task to develop further. There were so many different routes that I could have taken, each of which would have developed my photographic practice and made me experiment more. 235 more words


Phonar- Task Two: The Process

During the first week of our lectures for Phonar (Photography and Narrative) we completed 4 mini tasks from The Photographers Playbook. These tasks were from: Christine Shank, Aline Smithson, Shawn Records and Melissa Harris. 871 more words


Task 2 - A Project

For this task, I looked into the previous tasks I’d responded to and made a project out of it. The task I enjoyed most was the -self portraiture- one which we had to answer questions with. 438 more words



Task two was to expand on a group task we have done in class. I equally enjoyed all the tasks and found it quite difficult choosing one to expand on further. 723 more words


Phonar - Group Tasks

Recently in Phonar we’ve been doing some tasks which has challenge the class as a whole. Instead of being assigned different assignment, the glass were to make them together. 2,020 more words


First Creative Exercise: The Selfless Selfie

Hello, our valued fans! So to start off this blog, we each got to work with the exercise of taking self portraits – without us actually in them. 467 more words

Selfless Selfies