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Final Film and Reflection.



This story is about Friendship, basically the story talks about best friends who helped each other, trusted each other and loved each other. 497 more words


When does photography cross the line from documentation to exploitation?

Let's talk photographs:When does photography cross the line from documentation to exploitation? bit.ly/1zFH4IL http://t.co/G2Exirp0sU
CMOA (@cmoa) January 13, 2015


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Man uses pictures to conform to their own image or point of view #Phonar

— Cynthia A (@amah_cc) February 3, 2015

In the #digital age, we need to…

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Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter was a South African award winning photojournalist. One of his famous photograph was taken in Sudan in 1994, as he was covering the drought, he took a photograph of a starving child with a vulture at the background, this photograph was taken in colour. 90 more words


Reading: The new media landscape

David Campbell of “The new media landscape” divide into three part: ‘Contours of change’, ‘The Importance of Community’ and ‘Community, transactions and value’. In the ‘Contours of change’ as David said, Disintermediation, disruption, ecology, disaggregation and free are the contours of change in the new media landscape.  394 more words

“Sri Lanka father and son"

This is my “Sri Lanka father and son”. It can serve as an illustration on the National Geographic magazine, this is the picture tells us that one pair of ordinary Sri Lankan father and son enjoying the leisurely seaside scenery, showing the lives of the ordinary people of Sri Lanka gesture. 9 more words