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Think About Which House Reps to Support, or Oppose, in 2018

Think about which incumbent members of the House of Representatives you want to support, or oppose, in 2018.

The strength, and the bane, of being a member of the House of Representatives is you have to run for re-election every two years. 609 more words

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Hooray! We Defended Delaware's Trifecta!

Update: Congratulations! Stephanie Hansen won her Delaware race, preserving its Democratic trifecta. Thanks to all who helped make this happen, with a double helping of thanks going to former Vice President Joe Biden. 249 more words

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Short stories from Bland Precinct doors

Saturday, September 9th, six of us knocked on doors in the 62nd and the 64th Virginia House districts for the Coordinated Campaign.  It was one of those classic mild, lovely blue-sky days that September can be known for.   480 more words

PG Dems gearing up for election day

Be an action hero:

The PG Dems met on Thursday, September 7th and committed to being engaged in the 2017 election:


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On Being a Phone Bank Volunteer for Hurricane Harvey Relief

By Doug Bardwell, American Red Cross Volunteer 

Your alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m. and its pitch-dark outside. You shower, shave, fill your travel mug with coffee and head for the garage. 551 more words


Help Democrat Rob Quist Win Montana's Special Election on May 25

Help Democrat Rob Quist defeat his Republican challenger to win Montana’s May 25 special election to fill its sole House of Representatives seat.

Quist is facing a tough battle but of course he has a chance. 294 more words

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Help Democrat Alexis Frank Win Mick Mulvaney's Old House Seat in South Carolina on June 20

Help Democrat Alexis Frank win Mick Mulvaney’s old house seat in South Carolina. The primary is on May 2 and the special election is June 20. 217 more words

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