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Online payment solutions offered by Digital Global Pass

Getting things done online is not only convenient, but it can also cost less for both businesses and customers. However, for security reasons, many have been pretty reluctant to shop from websites. 93 more words

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Online shopping experience improved with the right payment services

If your online shopping experiences have been good till date, you will be glad to learn that things are likely to get even better! Innovative… 97 more words


Phone bill payments for online purchases possible

It’s a revolution for those who often use online stores! Shoppers can now settle their bills in pretty innovative ways and you can feel free to try it all! 88 more words


Phone bills now used to pay for online purchases

If you are tired of long payment processing times, bulky forms and lagging pages, you will be glad to hear about Digital Global Pass and its SMS+ or Internet+ services. 83 more words


ISP and Phone bill payments for online businesses

If your online business is struggling, you might want to try something new to boost things up! Adopting innovative payment solutions that work through an… 91 more words


Digital Global Pass UK: serving businesses for the best

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to offer a choice of payment options to your customers. This obviously applies to both online and traditional shops and it can improve satisfaction at all levels. 81 more words


Online payments through a phone bill is now possible

Are you tired of getting your credit or debit card out to settle online payments? Most customer-friendly businesses now have a solution to fix things up and it’s partly possible due to the services that Digital Global Pass UK has on offer. 71 more words

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