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AT&T To Pay Out $88 Million in Refunds Over Bogus Charges Starting Today

Phone giant AT&T got caught padding consumers’ bills with unwanted services such as ringtones and special text messages, leading to a settlement in 2014 with the Federal Trade Commission. 314 more words


War of the Roses Marathon: Text Gone Wrong

Julia and Joe just moved in together, and Julia has been handling the bills. When she checked the phone bill, she found a number that does not compute. 23 more words


How to Conquer Monthly Phone Bills

Most of us have smartphones. In today’s world, its almost a necessity to have one. But how do you deal with paying on time each month, especially if you are like me and don’t have a steady job at the moment. 355 more words


Tried to Go Casual with Comcast (or cut the cord)

So the Hubs and I decided we were going to break up with Comcast….. well not completely. Just wanted to keep it casual (internet/ home security) and date other people (Netflix, Amazon Prime.) We finally had enough of the continuous rate hikes we were getting and thought- fuck this shit we deserve better!!!! 464 more words



Let us start with the definition of a “money leak.”  A money leak is a needless drain on your finances.  e.g. Extra charges for needless services, overage fees, credit card interest and penalties for any actions.   327 more words


Avoid a phone bill shocker when going country-hopping

Everyone knows that using local SIM cards while traveling abroad is the cheapest option, but what if you’re hitting multiple countries on your trip? CNET’s Marguerite Reardon lays out your options. 906 more words

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Paying Big Bills And Eating Good Food

Just another bill paying day today. I also decided that I want to treat myself to dinner tonight. If you liked, “Paying Big Bills And Eating Good Food” then please like and share it. 8 more words