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Three Results Of The Cell Phone (2009)

1. No need to flag someone down if you run out of gas.

2. More accidents due to inattention.

3. The extinction of the phone booth. 18 more words


(Wayback Wednesday) Self at a Telephone Booth, Circa 2000

These were taken in Ogunquit, Maine circa 2000 during an off season vacation to the state. It’s not that far from the border on Interstate 95. 241 more words

Social Enterprise, Solarbox repurposes London's iconic red phone booths with 'green' tech

“Allo! Allo! This is London calling!” — Britain’s bright red phone booths have been repurposed and painted green. It’s one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen for what can almost be classified as relics. 296 more words


London Phone Booths Are Becoming A Popular Way To Charge Your Phone

Photo courtesy of @solarboxlondon 

Pay phones might be considered a relic of the past, but London is proving otherwise.

People across the world have found ways to reuse those old phone booths by building Wi-Fi hotspots and pop-up libraries in New York, goldfish aquariums in Osaka, Japan and now free cell phone charging stations in England.  253 more words

Maybe Someone Wants Your Voice: Pay Phones and What We Gave Up, in 12 Parts

I am working on a collection of vignettes related to phone booths and the pay phones they house. I’d love to include vignettes from others, if you have them. 1,298 more words

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