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Disruption, Cell Phones & Adaptation

There was a time you’d find a bank of phone booths at any airport. Larger airports had set ups with privacy screens and a shelf for the working business person. 192 more words


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  • I rode airplanes like one rides the subway in NYC. My father was a pilot for United Airlines, so I’ve been flying since I was five.
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Icons of yesteryear... slowly disappearing

Lately, you just might notice that you see less and less of certain items. Here are two that I find becoming scarcer… 200 more words


{made cents at the time}


found a lonely dime
in the couch. some years

ago it might have bought
a phone call. now,
it’s thinner than ever.

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Connections: October 29.17

Deaf phone line

hard blue chair

what’s the point?

no one’s there

austere right angles

sterile, glistening

rigid vacuum:

no one’s listening.

You may think this… 81 more words