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Phone Calls...

I think my least favorite thing to do is make phone calls. It just makes me uncomfortable and it is probably my most notable of my office pet peeves. 211 more words


FCC selects Swedish firm to run sensitive national database routing phone calls

From the Washington Post, by Ellen Nakashima

The Federal Communications Commission this week selected a Swedish-owned firm to run a sensitive national database that routes billions of phone calls across the country, apparently satisfied that the award would not jeopardize national security. 706 more words

Police State

The Phone.

This guy wrote me on Plenty of Fish – and he always writes me whenever I have an online profile, but in the past I wrote him off because it wasn’t the vibe I was looking for, but this time I gave him a shot – and I was pleasantly surprised. 422 more words


A Sunny Day

Another busy day for me, if I actually did the things I should have been doing today.  To be perfectly frank though (and I don’t know any perfect Franks), I’ve been really lazy most of the day.   409 more words

A Veddy Strange Day

This has been a strange day.  Kind of a sleepy day actually.  My todo list is long and untouched, because each time I begin to work on it my phone rings.   257 more words

Customer service: Answer the question behind the question

In my first marketing directorship at a community college, one of my responsibilities was to oversee the switchboard for the college. When the original member of my team who filled this crucial role announced her resignation due to a family move, I asked to spend a few days doing her tasks with her so I would understand the role and know more about the personality and skills we needed to fill that role. 365 more words


Happy Birthday to Me!

I spent the day at home. Took a day of vacation from the 9 to 5.  I sat on the deck in the heat most of the time.  520 more words