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Can you talk?

Because our love will eventually be defined by technological parameters.

Because you will only get busier. Losing more of yourself in passionate endeavours. They’ll be exciting to me too, don’t get me wrong. 262 more words


The Most Important Phone Call(s) of My Life

I was reading an article about the final episode of Mad Men “Person to Person”, it talked about how Don Draper made 3 phone calls to the most important women in his life, his daughter, his ex-wife and his right-hand girl, Peggy. 276 more words

Our First Fight

So everyone knows relationships aren’t all hearts, flowers, and kisses all the time. There will be some arguments, disagreements, and low points. I think how you come out of those time says a lot about a relationship. 588 more words


A Light At The End of The Tunnel...?

As some of you remember from a few months ago, my husband and I have been in a delicate situation for some time.  We were playing a bit of the… 92 more words

Before Turkey/ Türkiye öncesi

How do I even use this thing??...

First and foremost, here’s an apology. Just hang tight while the beginning stages of this blog might be a little bumpy. I’m still new to all this blog stuff. 434 more words


That awkward moment

So, I have social anxiety. Like I won’t approach you or talk to you unless you do so first. Also I don’t like phone calls. I can text perfectly fine, but I never know what to say on the phone. 346 more words

Case of the Ex

I pick up the phone as the call comes in

I hear a familiar voice and replay a scene

Of happier times and heartache all at once… 34 more words