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The Phone Call

“So, basically you just said anything so you could fuck me, is that it?”

He answered without hesitation.

“Yes. Of course!”

His blunt honesty dumbfounded me momentarily, the way an oncoming headlight blinds you. 749 more words


Phoning a friend

When I was a kid and I called a friend at home from my house it was a very intense process. Although I’m sure I did it prior to fifth grade my real memories of doing so begin at about that time. 649 more words


Day 8 - 100 Days of Happiness

When I started this challenge I knew there would be days that my depression would try to stop me from finding something that made me happy.   149 more words


New Haven police officers could be getting cell phones

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Changes could be coming to the New Haven police department. Officers who patrol the Elm City’s streets could be getting cell phones. 411 more words


Chapter 7. If I ever get a dog, I’m naming her Xolani.

Marines train for years sometimes before ever getting the opportunity to deploy to a combat zone. 2007 was my year. I’ll admit it, I was scared out of my fucking mind to be deploying. 3,793 more words

My Unfinished Story

It's freezing out here! / I'm jealous of leaves! / Put me in the refrigerator!

I called Barry at 11:20 to set up a food shopping appointment for next week. I guess 11:30 AM on Thursday the 22nd will have to work. 46 more words