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A private practice, whether it be a legal, medical, or engineering, is a business.  It’s a big mistake to assume that just because you are a professional, business will automatically come to you.  230 more words


New business creds: a phone call in print

What is it with agency creds that they’re so frequently so-o-o-o boring? Why do capable, imaginative, resourceful agency folk trot out such PowerPoint dullness – or more fashionably, now, but equally tiresome PDFs – every time? 1,304 more words

New Business

Failing at my Life

At this point I’m petrified that I’m going to fail a couple of my classes. One of my professors has yet to grade any of our tests, so that leaves me to wonder how well I’m actually doing in that class. 603 more words

3 Ideas on How to Open a Permission-Based Cold Call

Last time I shared with you the basic structure of a Permission-Based Cold Call. This post focuses on Opening.

How to do you competently begin of a cold call?  609 more words

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What is a Permission-Based Cold Call?

Recently, I was caught off guard when an acquaintance told me cold calling was “unprofessional”.

I don’t blame him, most cold calling is performed in an unprofessional manor.He was probably remembering when someone called him, delivered a canned script, then asked him for money. 368 more words

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Friday Night at the Call Centre

Since returning to school in September to pursue a graduate diploma in arts administration and cultural management, I have also been working part time at call centre doing market research. 129 more words

Book Review: The First Phone Call from Heaven

What if when you picked up the phone you heard the voice of a loved one who had passed away?
If heaven called, would you answer? 434 more words