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Officially married (in Canada)

Monday morning I made a few phone calls that I had been meaning to make for a while to people in the UK. First I called Millie who hadn’t been well for some time, and I was very relieved when she picked up the phone. 331 more words


This could be Matt on the phone

No where in the video, no where on the youtube page details is there any mention of Matthew Berdyck, except from Matthew Berdyck claiming this is himself that he made this phone call. 17 more words

Make The Call

Last Thursday, my Grammie passed away.  (Nothing like jumping right into the heart of things, right?).

Let’s rewind a little bit.  My Grammie has lived in California all of my life.   467 more words

You texted me, so please get to the point! (My advice about communicating with me)

Sometimes I still run into people who manage their social interactions the way people did in high school. It drives me crazy when I run into these people who do the strangest things and I wonder how they managed to grow into adulthood and still communicate with such insecurity. 1,145 more words

Internet Social Media And Technology


my 10.5 year old canine companion has not been feeling well for several months so he and i have been sleeping in the guest room, which used to be my younger son’s room. 467 more words


5 Ways To Stay In Contact With Friends Who Live Far Away

Whether you have just moved away for the first time to go to college or you are currently suffering through the confusing gray area of post-grad-real world-realization, I’m sure that you are trying your hardest to maintain close friendships. 428 more words

Rule 14: Stick a thumb in it

Text messages do not count as a form of communication.

By text messages I also mean viber messages, whatsapp, skype, email and whatever the cool kids are using these days. 208 more words