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Transportation Department Weighs Allowing Phone Calls During Flights - WSJ

Federal regulators are considering allowing airline passengers in coming years to routinely make phone calls during flights—so long as travelers are warned in advance about potential midair distractions. 10 more words

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Feds Think Passengers Should Decide If They Want Phone Calls on Planes

Federal Interaction Commission restriction specific radio frequencies on planes, implying conventional voice calls are restricted, however Thursday, the Department of Transport proposed the customer needs to choose whether it’& rsquo; s OK to make wi-fi get in touch with… – #Airplanes, #DepartmentOfTransportation, #PhoneCalls, #TheFreeMarket – #airplanes, #departmentoftransportation, #phonecalls, #thefreemarket http://htzine.net/phone-calls/feds-think-passengers-should-decide-if-they-want-phone-calls-on-planes/

Are Prank Calls Really Harmless?

Let’s face it: funny prank calls are difficult to resist. The punchlines, when delivered with perfection, can send everyone rolling on the floor laughing for a few minutes. 476 more words

Funny Prank Calls

Airhorn prank, Flying Men in BOZOBOUND Magicant, complicated winter jackets

Mom said that she and Dad could pay a lot of the $160 passport fee if I waited for her outside Dr. Ruby’s office at the early hour of 9:45 AM or if they picked me up at 9 AM. 253 more words


Nothing coming to fruition yet in Washington

Please forgive the tardiness of this post. There were some technical issues last night at Twins Target HQ)

We are a full day into the Winter Meetings in Washington (not Baltimore, like… 337 more words

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Keeping promises...

I tend to spend a lot of time at my computer, writing and the like, but when my mind starts to wander, it only wants to remember, what he promised me back then. 628 more words


Edelson PC sues serial objectors for racketeering in federal court

Source: Prominent class action firm sues ‘professional objectors’ for racketeering

So-called professional objectors – lawyers who make a living by objecting to class action settlements in order to extract payoffs from class counsel eager to see their deals go through – are enough of a scourge in the class action process that the advisory committee on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure has proposed a rule change that would require judges to look harder at payments to objectors and their lawyers. 11 more words

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