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Terrarium Phone Case

I’d been using one phone case for like 2 years (really cute, blue and white with birds), and it was looking kinda gross. The white in it had greyed out, and nothing I tried (alcohol, soap, Tide pen) would clean it. 219 more words


DIY Phone Case (Under $3)

Step 1. Purchase a clear case to fit your phone model. They are available for $2 all over Amazon.com. Can’t beat that. One case will work for multiple designs though, so you only need one. 236 more words

DIY Marble Phone Case

Alright, so you want a dope phone case, but don’t have the $$$ to spend. I get it.

I’d been eyeing these gorgeous marble phone cases, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $99 on one!  142 more words


Universal Waterproof Phone Case (Voxkin)

Product name: Universal Waterproof Phone Case (Voxkin)

~ View Product Here ~

Packaging: Phone Case comes packaged in a plastic package along with a set of waterproof earphones and headphone jack. 202 more words

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#frugalfashionista: Starbucks style

I drink Starbucks at home, at the office, and on the go. Now my phone has it too!

Much love -MA


Eleventh Doctor Phone Cozy

A very late post about a late birthday present for Samwise—from May 2014!

Samwise’s birthday that year was shortly after the Eleventh Doctor retired, so this cozy was a way for her to keep seeing Matt Smith’s bowtie and suspenders. 897 more words