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3 Photos I Took This Week - #6

Photo 1 and 2

The weather warmed enough last weekend that I could ride my bike again. It was so desperately freeing! Taking my usual route from the Branbury to the Provo Canyon, I managed to get these photos under the now-under-construction bridge. 98 more words

School Assignment

Art and Nature

   (image scanned from exhibition catalogue)

Yesterday I made the long trek across country to a regional art gallery over an hour’s drive away.   I wanted to see an exhibition of recent works by John Wolseley, one of my favourite artists. 418 more words

The Natural World

Disperser 2016 In Review: Photos - Fourth Quarter

Looking at my meager (photographic) offerings one might conclude my interest in photography is waning. Au contraire, mes lecteurs. Just in the months of October, November, and December, I shot 4,278 photographs, or 1,426 photos per month, or 47.5 photos per day, or roughly 2.64 photographs per waking hour. 604 more words


Disperser 2016 In Review: Photos - Third Quarter

The second half of the year saw the continuation of phone photos as I waited patiently for my big PC rig to arrive and get set up.  515 more words


Disperser 2016 In Review: Photos - Second Quarter

Come April, I was still documenting the 2015 Tri-Lakes Cruisers Show.

But, I also intermingled photos from my trusty Samsung Note II, especially — but not limited to — those from our trips to thrift stores. 528 more words


Sharing My World - Week 28

I am still here, still overwhelmed with baseball games, cat messes, fatigue and all-over body aches. The squirrels are still here too and have become quite bold about sneaking in the house to look for peanuts. 685 more words