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Phone photos v. point and shoot camera shots

My blogging friend Sue Judd asked what I meant when I said I found the colour in my phone photos to be more accurate than the colour in the photos I get with the point and shoot digital camera I’m currently using. 66 more words


In the middle of nowhere

More photos of my drive around the salt lakes of western Victoria, Australia. (here) All of these were taken with my mobile phone. I love the way my phone captures colour – often it is a more accurate representation of what I see than my camera records… 10 more words


Seen through a moving window #1

I’m so often frustrated by seeing things as a passenger in the car and thinking what a wonderful picture it would make if only I had my camera, we weren’t in the car etc, etc. 124 more words


Phone photography

Today the phone is one of the handy options and convenient for travel photography.



I feel greatly inspired by fire. It’s the wildness of it, how it’s predictable but unpredictable and easily influenced by what’s around it. How it can be contained and go out of control. 92 more words


5 Best Photos of 2014

Ok, what I meant to say was MY 5 best photos of 2014. Or at least, 5 of my favourites.

Consider this the modern day equivalent of being invited over to the neighbours’ for drinks, only to find out that you also get to see their family reunion slideshow. 256 more words

The Wasteland.

My grandson decided to climb a tree growing in the land between the playground and the road. While I waited for him to come down I saw we had strayed into a particularly weird bit of wasteland. 193 more words