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Jummah Solution: Jummah at the Crib

There are maybe like 5 people that keep me on twitter. Probably more like two. Boxing writer Dougie Fischer and a young sage soul sister out of Chicago if you don ‘t include some young St. 1,182 more words

Umar Lee

A Small Break

I’m still here, just very busy. I’ll be back after a brief hiatus to get my act together, see you soon.


Madison Trip

I’m on a working trip back to Madison to tie off some loose ends and see some people. I did this on the plane mostly to keep myself from freaking out during take off and landing – I’m not a good flyer. 15 more words


Pitcher pitchers

Lazy post Friday
Going to Stumptown Comic Show this weekend, it should be interesting, I’ve never been to one before.


Cherry V.2

Here’s one in process. I’m trying out the new watercolor ‘block.’ Come back later for the finished product.

Pen & Ink