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Haggle for your phone, Internet and TV rate

The Internet is a crucial piece of technology.

Without it, we can’t anything done.

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as customer loyalty. 71 more words

I Didn't Let My Phone Own Me;)😎

Recently, I was reading few articles on Time Management. I came to know that people with great intelligence use their phones so less that they can manage everything on time. 347 more words

Tablet PC and iPads...

Tablet PC and iPads have the same functions with mobile phones but are larger in size than mobile phones and PDAs with excellent screen resolution, clarity, touch sensitivity and lighter weight. 19 more words


Spike in fake IRS phone scam reported in Hawaii

Pay up or go to jail, that is the call making it’s way around Hawaii.

While it is nothing new, the IRS scam seems to be popping back up again in the islands and it appears this time around, scammers are getting more sophisticated to make their calls seem more legitimate. 273 more words


Basic photography tips

Here’s a few tips/suggestions on taking and editing – or post processing your photos, I hope this post helps you get creative and take better photos if your new to photography. 763 more words

WP7: Dynamically add items to a Grid

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I am trying to add multiple items in to a grid, so that later items will pop up underneath earlier items. 104 more words


Every Album Art is the same

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I’m making a Music-Player for Windows Phone (c#). I decided to start the App with Pivot-Pages. One of them is a list of Albums and there is the Album Art on the left side of the list. 257 more words