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Corning launches Gorilla Glass 5,claims to survive a drop from 1.6 meters

Corning, the mainstream glassmaker for smartphones, on Wednesday launched Gorilla Glass 5 for flagship devices. The organization said that the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 in its inside lab tests was able to survive up to 80 percent of the time when dropped face-down from up to 1.6 meters. 289 more words

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The one everyone's been waiting for... Pokemon Go

(All the pokemon go lovers out there are going to have to excuse me on this one)

Oh jeez, it’s time to discuss this… This app is ridiculous, one night it’s not there, and the world is happy, the next day it is, and all of a sudden kids are walking off cliffs and into the path of oncoming cars. 383 more words

Dumbing Down My Smartphone

I am so easily distracted nowadays, especially at home. Whether it be the television while I’m trying to work on my laptop or social media when I should be cleaning or folding clothes, I have often found myself absorbed in something entirely off topic and realized I’ve lost ten or twenty minutes to a “quick” meandering of my Facebook feed. 1,521 more words


Pokemon Go 

So I managed to download the new app before it was realised in the UK. Yes I will fully admit very naughty. However I just couldn’t wait! 514 more words


Android troubles

What is up with the latest Android update? I can’t access my videos because I have to turn off some overlay on settings. I can’t access my photos because I have to turn off overlays. 253 more words


XML Parsing – Not getting the right way

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I have this XML which has to be Parsed

<category id="1">
    <title>Environment & Heritage</title>
        <subcategory id="2">Trees & Green Cover</subcategory>
        <subcategory id="3">Noise Pollution</subcategory>
        <subcategory id="4">Air Pollution</subcategory>
        <subcategory id="5">Water Pollution</subcategory>
<category id="72">
    <title>Environment and Heritage</title>
<category id="7">
    <title>Health & Sanitation</title>
    <subcategories><subcategory id="8">Drains & Sewerage</subcategory>
    <subcategory id="9">Solid Waste Management</subcategory>
… 368 more words

Yes, you can unlock your iPhone with other body parts

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The iPhone’s TouchID sensor will work with a lot more body parts than just your fingers, according to Reddit user  A_Gigantic_Potato, who painstakingly tested an iPhone 6s+ iOS 9.3.2. 276 more words