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If the Phone Doesn't Ring...

As a teenage American in the 1970’s I was proud to spend at least an hour a day talking to my friends on the telephone. It was an odd machine that attached to the wall. 406 more words

Winnipeg police catch one transit phone thief, searching for another

WINNIPEG – Police have arrested one man and are still searching for another suspect after two robberies on a transit bus.

Two women had their cell phone’s stolen on separate buses in the morning on July 27. 121 more words


Cannot install Asphalt 8 from the Store

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When I type “Asphalt 8″ in the Windows Phone Store, only “Asphalt Hack” is returned, not the game. When I clicked on a link for Asphalt 8 from the website, it took me to the store, but displayed an error. 74 more words


So not a telemarketer..

Anyone else get calls from 53 telemarketers a day? I get a lot of those. I’m always nice to them until they annoy me to death with “you wanna buy this” after I’ve said no 8 times. 84 more words