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15 Mophie Phone Case - A Lifejacket for Your Lifeline

Ever been somewhere (far, far away from a wall outlet) only to realize you are about to be stranded with a dead phone. Notice how especially after a new Apple update your iPhone battery will be at 80%, and two minutes later it will be down to 40%? 665 more words


Google is good at building phones but terrible at selling them

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With the recent acquisition of one of HTC’s smartphone teams, Google appears more committed than ever to being a smartphone hardware maker. 702 more words


This week’s top stories: Fake Huawei reviews, ‘view image’ button removed from Google Images, Android P rumors, more

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In this week’s top stories: Huawei solicited over a hundred fake Mate 10 Pro reviews, Google removed the ‘view image’ button from Google Images, and new rumors suggest a ‘dramatic redesign’ for Android P. 201 more words


#355 Daily dose : India Bulls

Phone Se Loan Instantly!

If you can dream it, it is just as likely that you can do it. At Indiabulls Dhani, we make helping people realise their dreams our foremost priority. 128 more words

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Wireless earbuds are too wireless for me

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I usually listen to music using a cheap pair of HTC headphones, for a variety of reasons that I’ve discussed before. But recently, I’ve been trying out a few pairs of Bluetooth earbuds as my full-time headphones, part of my duties as a Circuit Breaker writer, and I’ve come to the realization that Bluetooth headphones make me incredibly anxious. 599 more words