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How to attach files to an email in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

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In the default email client in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, how can arbitrary files(.zip, .mp3, .txt, .pdf etc) be attached? 175 more words


What is CanviCase?

What is CanviCase?

Canvi is Catalan word for Change, therefore our membership service is called “canvicase”.

What is purpose of canvicase?

We all at some point purchased case for our phones and threw it in garbage after it got some visible scratches or got damaged, but you do have to appreciate those little plastic, rubber, wood…etc… 231 more words


Looking for Calendar app with alarm [closed]

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I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I need a calendar with an alarm function to remind me of my appointments. 145 more words


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Killing Rob 2

Oh. There’s one other thing I forgot to tell you about Rob and me: we hooked up. It was when we first met and, in my defense, I was over the rainbow on Delsym cough syrup. 648 more words


Smartphone Berbasis Windows Phone Pertama Dari Acer, Berapa Harga di Indonesia?

Acer memperkenalkan smartphone berbasis Windows Phone 8.1 pertamanya, Liquid M220, pada ajang Mobile World Congress 2015 bulan Maret yang lalu. Kini, tak lama setelah itu, perangkat tersebut dikatakan sudah siap masuk ke Indonesia. 195 more words

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