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Cordova WebView Issues Android 4.3.X and below ( pre kit kat)

Today @alexbergin and I had an issue with one of our mobile apps that simple is a cordova wrapper that loads a WebView to show a website formatted for mobile devices. 349 more words

Android Development

Quickly start an app using Yeoman, Ionic, AngularJS and PhoneGap

This is a copy from the post by Julien Roussel


Here is a simple guide to get started on a new mobile project using the following technologies: 1,040 more words


Ionic - PhoneGap - Cordova - Read and write a profile file locally on Android and iOS

Write and read a local file using Cordova on iOS and Android is pretty much easy but I lost a lot of time trying to find a good example of this. 400 more words


PhoneGap Error Handlebars Template is not rendered

Been spending the last couple of days exploring the wonderfull world of HTML5 which inevitably led to HTML5 mobile applications.

What’s cool about them is that they provide multiplatform support. 87 more words


'cordova run android' unable to run on device & 'adb devices' resulting in '???????????? no permissions'


The command ‘cordova run android’ keeps running the emulator even when a device (i.e. Sony) that has properly configured (i.e. developer options + usb debugging + allow unknown sources) is connected. 183 more words


Cordova Android project from start to finish -- quick version of workflow

Here’s a cheat sheet for creating a Cordova app from start to finish. No details on this page; they’re all covered elsewhere on my site. My environment for this is a PC machine with Windows 7 Pro, and this is building an Android project. 318 more words


Basic phonegap commands and usage

1. phonegap create <project name>
# This will set up your project structure and create the ‘hello world’ style project.

2. phonegap plaform android
# This command configures phonegap for the platform(s) you will target… 81 more words