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POST Request logger using websockets

Last days I’ve been working with background geolocation with an ionic application. There’s a cool plugin to do that. The free version of the plugin works fine. 591 more words


Ionic filter bar: keyboard does not open

Today I was working on this problem with an Ionic app. This is an app which uses the ionic-filter-bar plugin, which seems to works fine out of the box. 186 more words


Dude, where’s my web site: 404, 105 in cordova/phonegap/ionic plus WebAPI

Are you calling the right url?

Have you enabled CORS on your Microsoft WebAPi site (Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Cors)

Did you, in WebApiConfig Register(), call config.EnableCors()?

Did you, on your API method, ? 70 more words

Phonegap Cordova project setup - Windows

In this post, I would demonstrate how I have setup my Windows 8 based PC for phonegap / cordova hybrid app development. This post would only focus on the installation and configuration of cordova. 1,001 more words


Why Ionic over others and what is crosswalk.

In our previous blog (Intro to Hybrid Mobile App Development and Ionic Framework), we have seen what is hybrid mobile application and its architecture with the introduction to Ionic framework, earlier we were concerned about using the ionic framework over others, so in the series we are going to compare and understand why ionic framework only, what are the difference and improvements that makes ionic easy to use. 503 more words


Hybrid Mobile App and Ionic Framework

In this blog we are going to see and analyze what are hybrid mobile applications at root level description and a quick introduction to start with… 605 more words


windows azure Push Notification sample app with Phonegap

Hi all,

Below code segments showing how to configure  Mobile app to receiving Push notification with windows azure.In this article. I will show you how to get it done with GCM(for android).APNS(IOS)code will also provide, but you have to configure with your Apple developer account. 618 more words