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Fix PhoneGap Shows Black Screen after Splash

In order to test how an ObjectHub Micro App can be packaged as a PhoneGap application, I used PhoneGap Build to package up a simple application. 146 more words

5 Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

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Read this blog to know about 5 best cross platform mobile app development tools. But before we go ahead with that, let’s understand why we need a mobile app in the first place. 149 more words

How to create an Android PhoneGap plugin for UI5 Mobile

This post explains how we can create an Android PhoneGap plugin for SAPUI5 mobile app to achieve certain native functionality. Let’s say we have a user of SAPUI5 mobile app who travels across places to collect transaction data from different vendors where there is no proper network, so he/she wants to maintain the data locally in a device log file and when he connects to network the same transaction data should be read from the log file and uploaded to the server, this log file can be referred anytime offline or even could be shared with others as an attachment in mail. 1,818 more words


Menggunakan Phonegap

Phonegap adalah salah satu software untuk membangun aplikasi mobile, dalam hal ini yang berbasis Android. Nah, pada kesempatan ini, saya mencoba menggunakan Phonegap untuk membuat aplikasi android. 176 more words



How to set session in phonegap cordova


How to retrieve session in phonegap cordova



Birth Certificate in Mumbai

I decided to write on this topic as i could not find a relevant updated article about how to procure the birth certificate for your new born child. 650 more words


Learn PhoneGap Build: The Basics

PhoneGap and its open-source sister Apache Cordova simplify cross-platform app development. You can code an app once, and then compile it to run anywhere: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

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