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Building a Simple Weather App in PhoneGap pt 3

After reading parts one and two, you should have an almost complete weather app! Part one explained getting started with a new mobile app using a StartBootstrap template, and part two walked through implementing basic business logic, including HTTP GET requests to a weather API. 210 more words

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PhoneGap Desktop pairing with PhoneGap Mobile Developer App

Recently, i had to develop a Hybrid mobile app and i did choose PhoneGap, as i found the feature of pairing PhoneGap Desktop App for Windows with a pairing for Mobile Phones, which would definitely reduce a developers pain in real-time development and testing. 276 more words

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PhoneGap App with Android using Eclipse Step by Step on Windows.

Hi there! Today i’m gonna show you, how to create your first PhoneGap App with Android using Eclipse on Windows in a few minutes. While searching the web for a “Hello World Project” i found a lot of posts but no one had a good quality or was detailed enough, so anyone could understand it if starting by zero. 874 more words

PhoneGap App With Android Using Eclipse Step By Step On Windows

Building a weather app with PhoneGap pt2

With the Cordova project built and the StartBootstrap template in place, we are ready to turn this bland webpage into a visually-appealing dashboard.

This post will focus mainly on Javascript, depicting the implementation details of: 343 more words

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Building a simple weather app in PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a development framework by Adobe that radically simplifies the barriers to entry for creating mobile apps, allowing you to move fast, break things, and learn a little in the process.   240 more words

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Mobile Apps, PhoneGap, Apache Cordova and Ionic

Have you ever had a terminology brain freeze – so much terminology all for what is basically the same thing that you just get confused? … 965 more words