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Why PhoneGap Application Development Services Woo Developers and Entrepreneurs Both

The time spent with mobile grew exponentially by 700% from 0.4 hours/day (2010) to 2.8 hours/day (2015) and the time with apps by 90% (2013-2015) from 409,847 minutes to 778,954 minutes. 405 more words

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5 Positive Signs for Every PhoneGap App Development Company

Apache Cordova or PhoneGap app development has gained much momentum in the recent years. Reason? It’s well-known. Today consumers are dispersed across multiple devices or platforms; iOS, Android and Windows Phone are a few to name. 427 more words

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How to connect your mobile to localhost ?

There are times when one do not know what to search for? I know my problem but I do not know what to type on google. 163 more words


Hybrid OR Native App development with JavaScript

When I started planning to write this article the idea was to do some VS comparison of both Apache Cordova and NativeScript. But while I was writing notes for this article I figured that it’s not only the technical aspect for comparing any technology, sometime it’s business requirement which override the technical aspect, also when we are comparing 2 technology stack it’s really helpful if you knows what are the pros and cons of two different tech stack, sometimes it’s not the end result which matters more but the overall process using which you arrive at the end result. 1,640 more words


DevExtreme, Ionic, TypeScript and Angular 2

This week, Julian and I took to the airwaves again to show just how easy it is to combine some pretty heavy hitting names to produce cutting edge mobile applications. 44 more words

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Virtual Reality Will Become A $15 Billion Industry By 2020

So far Virtual Reality has been a clear highlight for 2016. VR has kept itself in the news for a longer period of time now, as it is set to be the next big thing in the coming years. 461 more words

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PhoneGap: Referencing cordova.js correctly

When making a PhoneGap app, the following script tag is required:


cordova.js should not be in your project folder, it is loaded automatically. However, I ran into a (possible) bug: The script file can only be loaded using the exact code above. 72 more words