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How to add Parse to your Cordova project

In order to complete this tutorial you need to have the Cordova command line interface installed (instructions here)

First thing you need to do is create a project: 243 more words


Information about the native platform code in a PhoneGap / Cordova project

Suppose there is a PhoneGap / Cordova project named “AppDemo” with added platforms as Android and iOS. 


Open a PhoneGap / Cordova project in Android Studio… 323 more words

Bridge The Gap Using PhoneGap

Listening to MediaKeys in WebWorks

Listening to the hardware media keys in a WebWorks application is a cool ability that I didn’t know how to make happen until fairly recently. Through the work of students in the program over the last couple terms, we’ve been able to build on the capabilities of the QtBridge plugin, to better understand how to get access to Qt Signals and Slots in WebWorks plugins. 556 more words

BlackBerry 10

Mobile Development with HTML5

Recently, I deployed an upgrade to our mobile app update to the Apple store and the Google Play store. When I began initially developing this mobile app over 3 years ago, it was intimidating to me. 452 more words


Cordova + PhoneGap + Android Studio

These steps are verified on Windows but should work on Linux too.

Install npm

Download npm and install on your platform

Install phonegap
npm install -g phonegap
… 84 more words

An IoT Tutorial for Phonegap, and the Arduino Yun using the Bridge REST API

Hey All,
Recently, I create a Phonegap Demo App that toggles an LED on an Arduino Yun using the Bridge REST API. While this seems trival, it is intended as a simple demo app and tutorial. 156 more words