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Top 3 Promising Cross Platform Frameworks You Need to Know

Mobile application development is the process by which applications are developed for mobile phones, handheld devices, and similar gadgets with internet facilities. These applications are either pre-installed during manufacture of device, or downloadable through an app store. 861 more words

ios-deploy and ios-sim roadmaps

ios-sim and ios-deploy are two tools that are used by Apache Cordova and a lot of other projects. ios-sim is used to control the iOS Simulator (and other functions) and ios-deploy is used to deploy signed apps (and other functions) to your connected iOS device. 80 more words


How to make Phonegap Application

We can make PhoneGap application mainly by three methods

  • Manual Method
  • Cordova Command Line Method(CLI)
  • Using PhoneGap Build

Manual Method

Manual Method only support up to the PhoneGap 2.9.0. 1,173 more words

Mobile Application

How to configure an application to wait until the PhoneGap APIs are available?

When the web application is loaded, the PhoneGap app’s JavaScript code doesn’t have immediate access to the PhoneGap API’s. The native phonegap app container must complete its initialization process before it can respond to the phonegap APIs JavaScript calls. 96 more words

Bridge The Gap Using PhoneGap


I have noticed that Cloud Computing seems to be a quite popular topic in my research class. Last week we had to do a review on an academic article and as far as I could tell, four people had read articles relating to Cloud Computing. 175 more words

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Connecting to Couchbase with PouchDB

Couchbase Mobile is a NoSQL distributed database available under the Apache 2 open source license, and commercially supported through theĀ Couchbase Company. NoSQL usage in the enterprise is on the rise and Couchbase reached out to see if we could work together on Couchbase Mobile support for BlackBerry 10. 1,152 more words

BlackBerry 10