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Alila Diwa Goa -A great property being destroyed by a Greedy management!!

A great property being destroyed by a Greedy management!!

I booked a 3 nights /4 days package with the hotel 15 days before my vacation date. 1,141 more words


Hybrid Mobile App - Step By Step Training

Its now common now a days to have interest in mobile application development due to popularity with various popular mobile apps available. Tetralance incorporation with… 99 more words

How to create expandable FAQ page in HTML?

I needed to create a simple FAQ page for my Phonegapp app. I found a lot of sample, but all of them were too complicated, I was searching for a simple one. 176 more words


Native VS Cross-Platform – Everything you need to know

Welcome to the era of multi-platforms. The term “Computer” doesn’t apply only to Desktops any more. It doesn’t matter what services your software provides, or whether it is a ‘website’ or an ‘app’, consumers will consume it using multiple platforms. 1,207 more words


Beginner PHP Web API Tutorial

We will learn how to create a simple REST API in PHP. Enjoy our step-by-step tutorial below! But before we need to know about REST and API. 576 more words


Problem with AJAX calls on PhoneGap project?

Using Adobe PhoneGap Build… ajax calls working fine in PhoneGap dev app, but not working once you build the app?  Getting 404 errors when the server is not even being hit? 42 more words


Oy Vey, here's a picchuh!

So, as I said in the previous instalment, once I had the data transfer from the OV528 sped up, I wanted to actually GET the photo displayed on my phone. 589 more words