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Did GCHQ Illegally Spy on You? | Privacy International


Will add it this as I read more on it itself but I sure as hell know they will have so much on everyone, although it would be good to find out who THEY think is a threat!!! 54 more words

Media Cover Ups / Politics

Phone hacking, Perception-wells, and Magritte (and the Matrix)

Over the course of this project that I’m slowly documenting, I’ve learned many things. Many of these are practical and useful; Illustrator, different print settings, etc. 688 more words


The phone hacking scandal- was it a sex crime?

One of the major scandals to emerge in 2015 was the celebrity phone hacking scandal. Several celebrities’ intimate moments were exposed to the public domain. Such victims were actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco. 317 more words


"Just Go About Your Daily Routine" - Privacy in the 'Digital Age'

It is more or less common knowledge by now that the traditionalistic ‘media’ and its ownership is a highly-concentrated playing field including WIN magnate Bruce Gordon, Seven Groups Kerry Stokes and skippered by one Rupert Murdoch and the Newscorp empire. 600 more words


The death of ethical journalism

“Ethical journalism” is a practice that is taught, legalised, but never completely implemented.

Let’s face it, journalism has never been truly ethical.

This fact becomes clear as the… 317 more words

Individual Pieces

Torture Report, Sony Hack, & Oakland Undercover

Welcome to ‘New World Next Week‘ – the weekly video series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that uncovers the subtext and gives you the context on some of the most important developments in alternative news and open-source intelligence. 272 more words


Blurring the line between private and public, one hack at a time.

Smart phones, specifically Apple smartphones have become an everyday normality, a phone that costs Apple about $150USD to create helping them to their war chest of unspent profits with the top three war chests in the world being held by tech companies (Marlow/Armstrong, 2014). 534 more words