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Wordless Wednesday - demise of the bendy tree

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday 

On this very spot used to stand my favourite tree, ‘bendy tree’ which I would silently greet every time I went out for a walk.   91 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Quest

As soon as I saw the challenge topic this popped into my head. Then it became a quest to actually find one.


269/366 Yellow Tub

A mainstay of my photography journey has been this old washtub-I posed dogs by it, have photographed it hanging any number of times and have even used it on occasion for a dog on a hot day. 130 more words


268/366 An Urban Moon

Taken around 4 AM this morning right before the skies opened up with rain-one of my favorite times and places to take a picture or two- 21 more words


267/366 Scooters

The little scooter store on the corner has some new art-at first I wished I could do something about the security camera, but after looking at it for bit, I thought it kind of adds a voyeuristic slant to the woman and her ride- 15 more words


266/366 Blocks and Pony

Two thirds of the way through-100 days to go-will she make it?!

On another note, this summer I had the opportunity to sell two of my photographs. 103 more words