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Some are clear while some are slowly fading

Some are long while some are short

Some are solid while some are broken

Some you want to cross while some you want to avoid… 46 more words


WPC: I'd Rather Be

I’d Rather Be completing today’s crossword that is giving me trouble with just one word left. We are getting into the habit of doing crosswords every day now. 72 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: I'd Rather (Not) Be

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be.

I’d rather not be, but if I had to be, I’d rather be my cat.


Happiness šŸ˜

Happiness is not given it’s a creation.

Nothing makes you happy?

Your actually bringing it right in the moment.

Only you, can make you happy in any moment. 6 more words


An Instagram Week

So, I’m still on Instagram and still doing this 365 challengeā€”though I’m vehemently denying both that I’m doing it and that it’s an all-year-round challengeā€”when I’m taking and posting a photo a day on Instagram and then taking a week’s worth of snaps over to the blog becauseā€”well, I have no idea why. 241 more words