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235/366 A Prison gets to be a friend—

I have been taking care of the neighbors’ cat, who will have nothing to do with me, but it did allow me to get this window view- 193 more words


234/366 Ah, Moon- and Star!

Experiments with lights for today-

Ah, Moon — and Star!
You are very far —
But were no one
Farther than you —
Do you think I’d stop… 84 more words


233/366 The Child's faith is new-

From a stroll Uptown-

The Child’s faith is new—
Whole—like His Principle—
Wide—like the Sunrise
On fresh Eyes—
Never had a Doubt—
Laughs—at a Scruple— 87 more words


233/366 Angels in the early morning

The backyard angels at a friend’s house-

Angels in the early morning
May be seen the dews among,
Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying :
Do the buds to them belong ? 52 more words


Hot chocolate

“Have some nice Hot Chocolate, something to eat, cuddle up under a blanket…” – Maureen Johnson


232/366 What Necklaces could be

This has been one hot, steamy and very wet month- and here is one picture to prove it-

A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree — 110 more words


231/366 Time does go on-

One of Hubble’s favorite spots in the house-

Time does go on—
I tell it gay to those who suffer now—
They shall survive—
There is a sun— 32 more words