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Unsurpsingly, Android M Developer Preview 3 Has Been Delayed

With Lollipop, Google did something that developers had wanted for a while: a dev preview of the upcoming Android build. With the M release, it made that even better with OTA updates for the first time…but that hasn’t gone… 106 more words



Many a times you may find yourself making some tough choices about what to purge from your device when the memory runs out. You’ have built up a good collection of apps, photos and videos that you would hate to part with, but some things just have to go. 310 more words


Google Play Reduces The Minimum App And In-App Purchase Price In India From Rs. 50 To Rs. 10 ($0.156)

India is one of Google and Android’s biggest markets both in terms of device sales and Play Store reach, but the country’s purchasing power is quite different from the US or Europe’s, especially if you simply convert a dollar to rupees (that’s approx. 98 more words


Xiaomi's phablet kicks it up a notch with powerful hardware


The good The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro sports the same great refined glass-and-aluminum design of the Mi Note while packing a more-powerful processor and a sharper 2K display. 496 more words

I Don't Need To Hear Your Business, Especially In the Bathroom ...

I have an addiction, I simply can’t live without my mobile phone.  My phone helps me organizing my life from day break to dawn.  Without it, I will twitch and shake uncontrollably like an addict.   271 more words