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#1286 - Breaking Spring

Spring Break is one of the best parts of being a teacher.

Sketch A Day


Hello, it’s me.
Oh, hi.
I won’t be in today.
‘Kay. Why?
Why what?
Why aren’t you coming in?
It’s just a conference call.
Bye, then.


The Experimenter

Over the Christmas holidays, I watched the movie The Experimenter, a quasi-semi-sorta-documentary about Stanley Milgram.

The film was rather quirky and dry, but it did mention that Milgram was half Romanian, and there’s a scene about halfway through where an actor with a thick (fake) accent talks about the (real) atrocities that the Iron Guard committed during World War 2, that I wrote about in (gory) detail in… 253 more words


Training Thoughts

Alright, time to be honest. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve hinted at it but let’s be real here. The training I did for 17 weeks for City to the Sea was a mess. 903 more words