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No Connection

Lately when I log in to my email on my phone a pop-up notification appears and says ‘No Connection.’

And I feel like, nuh uh phone, I’ve got connections. 113 more words

Du Jour Of The Week

Ready Player One (Random House, 2011)

As I’m writing this, the movie adaptation of Ready Player One is getting released everywhere on the planet. So I thought what better way than to bring back this blog than to talk about the book the movie is based on. 254 more words


Time to Obtain Superpowers!

Dear Daughter

Sorry for my absence, but I was gone seeing if Krypton had somehow reassembled itself so we could have a home to go back to. 78 more words

Being Pain Free!

Hey Kiddo

Here’s a pathetic one, Life is Great when you’re pain free! Sadly as you get older those days seem less frequent. So, I suggest that you enjoy and appreciate the most boring days of your life, if for no other reason then it was a pain free day.  30 more words

Phoning It In!

Hot Showers on a Cold Day!

Dear Daughter

I’m still alive and I know finals are on their way, so I hope you are also still amongst the living and not part of the living that envy the dead. 208 more words

Phoning It In!

Snowman - Make Yourself a Friend!

Dear Daughter

First, what the heck happened yesterday? No post from me and no one called to ask if I was dead? Well, I’m very much alive, but was so very tired. 153 more words

Phoning It In!

Your Daughter will Forgive You?

Dear Daughter

Your Dad sucks! I told you I’d call you back last night and I failed miserably. I’d understand if it was you that sprayed painted this on the wall of some random building I found on the internet. 100 more words

Phoning It In!