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Using Archives for Academic Research

In Digital Versus Physical Archives: a Personal Account I discussed my use of archives while researching my family history, describing how digital archives were the catalyst for my research in various archives in Britain and Ireland spanning several years.  2,062 more words


Phoolan, Causes and History of Child Marriage

The exact time this practice began in India is not known. However, it is thought to have originated during the early Muslim invasions in the 10th century. 88 more words


فیلم فولان ، برنده جایزه جشنواره فیلم قهرمان من می شود

فیلم فولان ، برنده جایزه جشنواره فیلم قهرمان من می شود.
جمیله خرازی، تهیه کننده اجرایی، وضعیت کودکان در هند را شرح میدهد.
او تصویری دقیق از زندگی بسیاری از زنان جوان امروز در هند را نشان می دهد.


Phoolan Winner of My Hero Film Festival

The movie Phoolan, wins the My Hero Film Festival Awards. The executive producer Jamileh Kharrazi highlights the plight of child brides in India. Her portrayal of Phoolan Devi’s youth paints an accurate picture of the lives of too many young women today. 11 more words


Phoolan, female Robinhood of India

Gang Rape and Beatings

Phoolan joined up with a group of bandits after two failed marriages. A rival group killed her lover and kept her for 3 weeks of captivity. 61 more words


Bandit Queen: An Inspiration For The New Generation

The Bandit Queen: A New Generation’s Inspiration

Although she ended her life as a renowned political figure, the life of Phoolan Devi began the same as most other women in India and near East countries. 35 more words


The Making of the Bandit Queen

I was 11 when I tried to save my father’s land.
He didn’t care, the ungrateful bastard.
Married me off to a man thrice my age… 281 more words

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