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The Making of the Bandit Queen

I was 11 when I tried to save my father’s land.
He didn’t care, the ungrateful bastard.
Married me off to a man thrice my age… 281 more words

Role Models

In My Hands Today...

I, Phoolan Devi – Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi was born into a poor, low-caste family in Uttar Pradesh, living in a world that gave more respect to a stray dog than to a woman. 87 more words


We Ain't No Liberal Sissies

Phoolan Devi. Dear God, what a WOMAN! I wish, I wish, I wish, . . . . that I’d been able to meet her, before they slaughtered her for her heroism. 273 more words

Women's Rights