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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Exactly saying, it’s not broken but not working today. The September last year 2014, Apple stopped shipping all the iPod having the click wheel. I chose a muted color picture in which you find only three signs, start, next and pause because I thought it should be positive even if it’s broken. 19 more words



On April 17th my friends and I took a trip up to Yosemite CA.   I had seen pictures of Yosemite before, but nothing compares to witnessing the beauty of creation in person.   79 more words

Kavala - Philippi - Lydia Baptistry

Obviously at this point I was most interested in Philippi, and in fact lectured a couple of unlucky enquirers about the Battle of Philippi for about ten minutes in the back of the bus on the way home, but the Lydia Baptistry was rather nice too, despite being so modern. 9 more words