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New country! A quick trip, but worth it. Although Amsterdam airport is a maze of a place. There were moments when I wasn’t sure there even was an exit.


Teen Beauty: May White

PHOTO: May White

Today’s post is a picture of my father’s paternal grandmother, May White. She would eventually marry¬†Dayton E. Mix, where my grandfather got his middle name from and I picked up my first name. 17 more words


‘Make your holidays smell as magical as the Shire with these Second Breakfast hand pies.’


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‘Can cloud gaming become a reality and eliminate the need for costly PC upgrades? This company thinks so.’


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10 Delicious Detox Recipe Ideas (That Actually Contain Food) – Not just healthy, but yummy and filling as well!


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‘Starting each day on a jolly good note can be a bit of a struggle from time to time but if you follow these 4 simple steps you will set yourself up for a massive win. 6 more words

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