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Project 365.80 - Tower

The time of year for Christmas shopping has arrived, and after wandering around through several photogenic streets, I settled on the clock tower at the end of corporation st.

Photo Challenge

19/11/17 - Pet shopping

Feeling super ill today (whyyy is it always the weekends!). But after a spot of tile lifting in the study, Nic and I managed to fit in a walk to Crystal Palace for brunch. 24 more words


November 2017 - week 46

Welcome back to this year’s photo-a-day journey. I’m sharing little bits of my daily life & travels.

This week’s weather has been cold, damp and grey; with wind and rain – typical of this time of year. 203 more words


Photo a Day: Neighborhood

Some neighbors a little down the street from us have an enormous collection of inflatable lawn decorations. Every Sunday during football season, they inflate this Patriots player, but the rest of the week he just kind of. . .hangs around.


Photo a Day: Texture at IARYD

My senior honors thesis class, for a reason neither the students nor the professor can fathom, is in the building that houses the Tufts Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development — in the same room my sports videography internship with the IARYD held trainings in summer 2016. Very weird.


Photo a Day: Sod at SciTech

Tufts was still putting the finishing touches on its newest building, the Science and Technology Center, when classes started this fall. Here’s my photo of the day: some rolled sod waiting to be laid out outside SciTech by maintenance workers.