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24/02/17 - Long awaited Potter! Part 2!

You’ll be probably pleased to hear that we really did enjoy the second part of Harry Potter much more than the first! It really picked up and was quite exciting. 34 more words

Photo-A-Day: February 24th 2017

If you’re thinking that these cats look very perturbed you would be correct. They had a good reason for it. The reason they were up on the shelf because husband, terrible owner that he is, had the audacity to vacuum. 105 more words


February 24, 2017

Today’s track comes from one of my favourites, Passenger. It’s a love song, but one that I can enjoy without finding it melodramatic because, as he usually does, Passenger comes at in a way that’s accessible and real. 782 more words


23/02/17 - Long awaited Potter!

Finally! After 481 days, today was the day Nic and I went to see Harry Potter The Cursed Child Part 1! And well… It was okay… The theatrical performance itself has been brilliant! 24 more words

Photo-A-Day: February 23rd 2017

Here is the picture I promised yesterday, taken when Lola found her way up onto the top shelf in “her” room. 164 more words