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Day 165: Asian Bittersweet

“Asian bittersweet was introduced from its native East Asia in 1860 and now grows in much of the eastern United States. This aggressive vine tolerates both high sun and deep shade, and can quickly overtop and girdle trees. 59 more words

Photo A Day

07/02/16 - Happy Sunday!

Nic and I have had a lovely Sunday today! We popped out to do some food shopping then we had Jess and Damian around for a Sunday dinner. 29 more words

Comfortable home

One of my early childhood memories that guided me when purchasing and decorating my very own home was for it to be a comfortable space for all my family and friends. 359 more words

Photo A Day


One thing that I think is kind of cool about the small-ish town where I live is that there are still a couple of small, locally owned pharmacies. 65 more words

365 Project

Photo-A-Day: February 7th

My recent photo posts were all taken in the morning on the way to the bus stop. Now I have some photos to share that I took whilst waiting for the bus on my way home from work one day. 114 more words


The Hurt

After Hurricane Katrina, a lot of money went to rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, but the paths weren’t always easy to travel. New Orleans has always been a city built upon strong neighborhoods, each one distinct in important ways from all the others. 151 more words