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Cosmic Challenge: Interiors with Ambience

This week I’ve tried to match interiors with appropriate photo-apped looks.

The inspiration comes from ages ago, when I wrapped a Photoshop Express ‘Glow’ look around this ancient wooden Buddhist temple in Myanmar, all of which made it somehow appear very Buddhist, at least for me.

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Cosmic Challenge: Christmas

Last year I put together a bunch of Christmas cards showing off wintery weeds.

Apparently I am the only person that thinks a cow weed in the snow…

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Cosmic Challenge: Winter Light

Winter light in a few of the BC mountains.

I shot a series of photos through the car window as we drove through the mountains in -15°C weather.

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Set iPad Photo Apps to Highest Export Resolution

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Photo resolution is really important for my website illustrations…but not in the way that you might think. While it’s important to have great images which can be clearly seen, it’s equally if not more important to have a website that actually loads the page quickly enough to not frustrate people.
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Fiery Wild Horses: Using Collage for Inspiration

A long time ago I was playing around using the astrological signs as inspiration.

This month (December) is represented by Sagittarius, the half human, half horse archer of the horoscope. 

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Photo a Week Challenge: White Flowers in Photo Apps

Ha, if you want white snow scenes I used up all of mine on Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Snowy.

However, here are some white summer flowers that have been apped to bits…

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Cosmic Challenge: When Day Turns into Night

The pilot came on the speaker, excitedly mumbling something about an unusual phenomena; we were flying through the point where day became night.

I’m still not exactly sure what he was talking about but here is the photo I took out the plane window, with the day above, and the night below.

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