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The Peony, May's Plant of the Month

Ruffled peony in Stackables.Overblown pink peony in Snapseed.
Peony collage done in Photoshop.
Dark peony in Snapseed.
Peony overlay in Photoshop.
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Snapseed Photo App for Posters

I had been scouting around for an app to make a posters or banners when I lucked into the photo app Snapseed.

There are a number of great options for adding text to photos and I tried them all in creating images for my…

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Photo Apps

Cosmic Challenge: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Playing around with plants from the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden.

Anthurium in Stackables photo app.
Split-Leaf Philodendron cut out in Photoshop and the background replaced.

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Photo Apps

Reflections of Clouds & the Photo App Matter

I love taking photos that contain reflections of clouds. And I when I got into the photo app Matter I went a bit crazy using their geometric reflections on cloud photos.

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Creativity and Photo Apps

I can’t draw and that’s ok. But sometimes when I see my husband whip up a little doodle in minutes, I’m just a wee bit envious. 204 more words


Sufi Music Festival in Jaipur, India

On a dark night in a Jaipur park we attended an incredible Sufi music festival with whirling dervishes.

It was too dark to take photos so I decided to at least record the amazing sound.

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Cover Designs Featuring Tulips, April's Plant of the Month

It’s tulip time again, and this month I wanted to design some book covers based on the 1637 tulip craze in Holland that resulted in the collapse of the world’s first financial bubble.

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