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Jelly Skies.

“Well, I wish I had known you then 
Well, who knows I might have been a better friend 
But now the senselessness within the air  9 more words

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Square Dancing and Gatherings in the 60s.

Downeast Maine. Pictured above L to R. Vivian and Vernell Leighton, Lorna and Carroll Gay, and my Mom, Louise Johnson Rier.

Who else remembers when our parents went to Square Dances? 108 more words

Family History

Shine A Light.

“And if a double-decker bus 
Crashes into us 
To die by your side 
Is such a heavenly way to die 
And if a ten-ton truck  41 more words

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Machines: Autumn Edition.

“Jane, you’re playin’ a game
You never can win girl
You’re stayin’ away so I ask you
Where you been, baby?

Like a cat and a mouse  29 more words

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“Asked if I would try
To leave this all behind
Halo round his head
Feathers in a bed
In our bed, in our bed. It’s sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you say” – (Yeah Yeah Yeahs’. “Sacrilege”. Mosquito. 2013)

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Mom and Dad. Halloween Rotary Party. 1976.

Machias, Maine. James “Gene” Rier and Louise Johnson Rier.

Dad and Mom both had a sense of humor. This photo makes me smile. I especially enjoy Dad’s costume, his crazy glasses, red flannel dress, black stockings and a garter. 276 more words

Family History

All Hallows' Eve 2

Halloween Photo #2: “Clown-ster.”

“Scary monsters, super creeps
Keep me running, running scared

She asked me to stay and I stole her room
She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind… 38 more words

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