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“Did you hear the distant cry
Calling me back to my sin
Like the one you knew before
Calling me back once again

I nearly, I nearly lost you there… 54 more words

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It Will Be a Treat!

Alan Clarke is well known to us here on the Volunteer blog. He is a regular contributor, treating us to his observations of the fascinating detail in some of the photographs in the museum collection. 116 more words


Turtle Power.

“They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting teensĀ 
They’re heroes in a half shell and they’re greenĀ 
When the evil Shredder attacks
These turtle boys don’t cut him no slack” 6 more words

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A Journey Kind of Away From Home.

“Get a little closer, let fold
Cut open my sternum, and pull
My little ribs around you
The rungs of me be under, under you” – (Purity Ring. “Fineshrine”. Shrines. 2012.)

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Houses & Huts

“Just like a ghost you’ve been haunting my dreams
But now I know you’re not what you seem
Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little boy like you” – (Dusty Springfield. “Spooky”. Dusty…Definitely. 1968.)

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Architecture In The Sun

“Now my path has gone astray
I’m just tryin’ to find my way
Wandered here from far away
I’m just tryin’ to find my way” … 19 more words

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April Crescent

‘april crescent’

While shooting the moon, the air was filled with sweet scent of April flowers….thanks for floatin’ by! bb >*<