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Photo Journey to Saskatchewan

One summer, my mom and younger sister and I drove to Saskatchewan for a day trip.

Old weathered advertisement for Player’s cigarettes.

This board was in the window of an abandoned building, part of it is the old logo for Pepsi-Cola. 77 more words


Some art school friends and I went to a salvage yard to look for materials to create sculptures, and I was on a photo journey. The colours formed by corrosion are so beautiful to me. 30 more words

Photo Journey

I don’t remember if I read or heard the term “photo journey” somewhere, or just put the words together myself. A photo journey is setting out on an adventure with the sole purpose of finding and capturing images.  156 more words

Recording Memories

My love of photography began watching slideshows of my grandparents’ vacations and looking through my mom’s photo albums. I don’t remember my first camera, but it would have been the kind you had to bring in to a photo place to have the film developed. 415 more words

Photos From College Days

Here are some images I captured during my college days, 2002-2004.

The art building of the college had exposed pipes and I liked the lines and shapes they made. 130 more words

North Brother Island – an abandoned island close to the megacity New York

You’ve never heard of North Brother Island? No big surprise. Because this island is even hardly known by New Yorkans themselves. Even though it’s very close to the glamorous megacity in the US. 285 more words