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Tongues (Poetry)

This poem is about you
your big nose
your perfect teeth
your heavy eyes
your humble lips

I miss you.
On quiet nights
when your legs… 46 more words


The Collective

We spoke about ideas. It was ideas–and authenticity–that mattered in art (let me remind you). He told me his was about human suffering, trauma from past experiences. 47 more words


Thoughts on Art

I figured it out. Art is about authenticity. Not beauty. It’s about expressing what you truly feel, it’s about being honest about something: an emotion, a thought, an idea, and expressing that in some way. 16 more words


I Inherited a Child! Sort of. 

I did something pretty crazy. My little brother just graduated high school, and I decided to let him come and live with me while he looks for a job and saves up enough money to move into a place with some roommates. 141 more words

Random Chaos

Love Strokes (Poetry)

I think about you

I thought about you in my sleep last night

yet you were not where you were

in the waking hour

and so I was left to wander. 58 more words


Point Lonsdale: Under Attack

Point Lonsdale, situated on Victoria’s Bellerine Peninsula, is home to many remnants of WW2. Namely, the bunkers that are dotted along the coast line of the Bellerine Peninsula. 67 more words


The Great Ocean Road: Beyond the Horizon

Another day escape, another journey, another photo series.

Yesterday I embarked on what was meant to be a straight forward drive; make it to the 12 apostles and snap some scenery. 62 more words