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Nico Bick – Parliaments of the European Union

Review by Steve Harp •

Nico Bick’s Parliaments of the European Union (nai010 publishers, 2019) is an imposing volume. The book – 12” x 15”, 272 pages, weighing in at almost 9 lbs – exudes the… 1,216 more words

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Andy Summers – A Certain Strangeness

Review by Wayne Swanson 

Want to be a street shooter, traveling the world in search of decisive moments? Here’s one path to success: Join a rock band, get famous, tour the world, get bored staring at hotel-room walls between gigs, decide “ 576 more words

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Patrick Brown - No Place On Earth

Review by Melanie Chapman •

When Never Again Repeats Itself: If ever there was a singular book that exemplifies the meaning of “Photo Evidence” (FotoEvidence), this essential publication documenting the tragic plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees certainly must be that book. 655 more words

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PhotoBook Journal interview - Kris Graves

Interview by Douglas Stockdale •

Kris Graves: Born and resides in Queens, New York

Introduction: I had an opportunity to very briefly meet Kris Graves during the last L.A. 1,320 more words

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Mark F. Erickson – Other Streets

Review by Douglas Stockdale •

You can’t go home again” is the famous quote by Thomas Wolfe, but what if you do not have any memory or recall of what home might be? 521 more words

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Letícia Lampert – Conhecidos de Vista

Review by Wayne Swanson 

Densely packed multi-story apartment buildings are a fact of life in today’s crowded cities. Brazilian photographer Letícia Lampert cleverly explores the paradoxes of vertical living by taking a horizontal view in… 614 more words

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Carissa Dorson – Conversations with Dad

Review by Gerhard Clausing

As we all know, communicating with one’s parents can be a challenge, not only in our early years, but later on as well. 673 more words

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