Darin Boville – Computational Photography

Review by Paul Anderson •

This photobook is full of mystery and angst, encompassing a very eclectic mix of ideas and images. Its essays and associated images address societal disconnect, fatal flaws, personal fears, wonder and mystery, and alternative or imagined views. 915 more words

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Hannah Kozak – He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard

Review by Gerhard Clausing •

One error in judgment, a lifetime of suffering … In this book, the courageous Hannah Kozak allows us to share her struggles with her mother who left her first husband and five children, including Hannah, for an abusive drinker who in a final blow caused her permanent injury, including brain damage. 618 more words

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Vera Lutter – Museum in the Camera

Review by Steve Harp

I have long found the images of Vera Lutter among the most challenging and thought-provoking in contemporary photography. Lutter’s work is that rare combination of visually beautiful ( 901 more words

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Lukas Birk – House No6

Review by Wayne Swanson •

Planning a photobook and assembling all the images needed to tell your story is a process that can take years. Unless you’re Lukas Birk, who did it all in one day. 461 more words

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Charles Rozier – House Music

Review by Madhu Joseph John

Art book critics generally use criteria such as contents and caliber of images, layout, production niceties, such as quality of paper, design, and above all, the originality of the subject matter to analyze books they wish to review. 729 more words

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PhotoBook Journal - Issue #16

Welcome to our 16th Issue •

Maybe one of the few bright spots during a pandemic is that there is a lot more time at home getting comfy and reading books. 469 more words

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Valery Faminsky – Berlin Mai 1945

Review by Gerhard Clausing

75 years ago, in April of 1945, Berlin was at the end of being the citadel of an authoritarian “empire” that lasted twelve years. 646 more words

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