Madhu Joseph John – The Passenger

Review by Gerhard Clausing

This ambitious project by Madhu Joseph John raises some challenging questions: Who are we, and where does our journey take us? 630 more words

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Louie Palu – A Field Guide to Asbestos

Review by Douglas Stockdale •

Working in a very technical area for my day-job I have become very familiar with on-the-job training, educational manuals, and health & safety bulletins that stress environmental awareness. 771 more words

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Maria Thereza Alves – Recipes for Survival

Review by Wayne Swanson •

Let us now praise Maria Thereza Alves. Over the past four decades, this Brazilian-born artist, social activist, and documentarian has established an international reputation as a champion for social justice. 705 more words

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Steve Dzerigian - Trail of Stones

Guest review by Madhu John •

In essence, this book is an autobiography of an artist, a dedicated teacher and a studiously creative photographer tracing a rich eventful journey through a wide variety of striking images and illuminating prose. 551 more words

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Birthe Piontek – Abendlied

Review by Gerhard Clausing •

Abendlied (Evening Song) is a project that is very personal, yet has universal meaning. The concept seems simple: as we gradually take leave of our parents we have memories of events and feelings from long ago; things come back to remind us of what we experienced with them in the past, going back to our childhood. 504 more words

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Kirk Crippens – Going South — Big Sur

Review by Wayne Swanson •

Big Sur is one of the iconic places of the California Dream. This rugged stretch of coastline between Carmel and San Simeon along equally iconic Highway 1 is known for many things. 454 more words

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Anja Niemi - In Character

Guest review by Dia Yunzhi Wang

As a female photographer, I would always have the desire to document the moments that I let ‘myself’ out. 816 more words

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