Jon Ortner – Peak of Perfection

Review by Douglas Stockdale

I believe a photobook based on a body of work that explores the nude form has some high esthetical and contemporary hurdles to overcome; a genre of art that predates photography itself. 628 more words

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Bill Henson – The Light Fades But the Gods Remain

Review by Wayne Swanson •

So often, suburbia is portrayed as a bland and vacuous place — tract homes, franchise convenience stores, and a lot of sullen youth. 526 more words

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Wesley Channell – Human Canvas

Review by Gerhard Clausing •

Here’s a list of ingredients for an exciting project:

  1. A dynamic photographer with an understanding of modern art and an appreciation of the beauty of the human body (Wesley Channell)
  2. 499 more words
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Maxim Dondyuk – Culture of Confrontation

Review by Gerhard Clausing •

In these crazy times it is especially disheartening to view violent scenes of man-made confrontations between “right and wrong” – a clash of… 531 more words

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Clay Maxwell Jordan – Nothing’s Coming Soon

Review by Madhu Joseph John 

They say that the American South is a land in transition what with the incursions of globalization and the migrations of diverse populations. 418 more words

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Jonas Byström – Winter White

Review by Wayne Swanson 

While it’s officially spring on the calendar, snow is making its last stand in many places around the world. But what if it were the last stand ever? 375 more words

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Review by Melanie Chapman •

When offered the opportunity to review Magnum’s new collection of Street Photography, I was giddy with anticipation. As a fan of spontaneous and un-posed imagery, I looked forward to revisiting classic examples of street photography from founding/early Magnum members such as… 565 more words

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