Tim Walker – Shoot for the Moon

Review by Paul Anderson •

Dark, decadent, distinctive, eccentric, extraordinary, fantastical, imaginative, magical, mischievous, opulent, playful, weird, wild: these adjectives have all been used by others to describe the photographic work of Tim Walker. 922 more words

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Shane Lynam – Fifty High Seasons

Review by Melanie Chapman •

Escape is on the minds of many people these days, now that we are in various stages of “Stay at Home” efforts to reduce the spread of a global pandemic. 780 more words

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Fabio Ponzio – East of Nowhere

Review by Steve Harp •

It’s more than a little unsettling to characterize a book which can be described – in the words of its creator – as a “succession of dark days” as lovely. 855 more words

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Jodie Hulden – Left Behind

Review by Wayne Swanson 

Bodie, that 19th-century gold rush ghost town in the California hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, has been a theme park for photographers for years. 441 more words

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Jacob Loewentheil – The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sternberger’s Revelations in Photography

Review by Gerhard Clausing •

Once in a while one makes a truly surprising discovery: the work of Marcel Sternberger certainly fits that category. Iconic portraits of 20th century luminaries, depictions that were relatively unknown for many decades, have now been unearthed from his archive, thanks to the work of Jacob and Stephan Loewentheil of New York City. 601 more words

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Ralph Eugene Meatyard – Stages For Being

Review by Douglas Stockdale

The late Ralph Eugene (Gene) Meatyard, 1925 – 1972, was an optician whose personal artistic quest has had an extended impact on contemporary photography. 843 more words

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PhotoBook Journal - Issue #13

Welcome to our 13th Issue;

We continue our quarantine mode during the days of COVID-19. This month we have another diverse selection of photobooks, ranging from Australia conceptual landscapes, the genre of the nude, one painted and the other investigating athleticism, as well as two narratives on the concept of dust, WWII reimagined, and a conceptual contemplation of our extinction. 327 more words

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