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How to make a travel photo book the easy way, even 2 years later

With a few weeks before our next holiday, I decided that my Norway photo book project was way overdue. And although I thought I had prepared properly, I obviously hadn’t. 967 more words


First night away from Lennon

“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair & gold in his heart”. 

Not sure my Dad will like this quote, But I think its cute. 1,079 more words

A Book of Memories

We surprised our Peace Corps host family on Sunday afternoon with a photo album filled with memories of our past two years together. You can see some of its pages showing trips, dinners and celebrations we’ve shared, as well as quieter moments in the garden or playing with the family dog. 310 more words

Books Before Gear #2 - In England - Don McCullin

The second in a new series of posts called Books Before Gear (BBG), as  I move increasingly towards viewing photographs via paper rather than pixels. 849 more words

Why Motivating Your Kids For Reading the Story Books is Essential?

Reading or weaving stories for your up growing babies is as essential as to serve them healthy foods that have all essential nutrition so that they not only grown up with the healthy body but with strong values too. 518 more words

Children's Picture Books

Editing my Images

Editing my images was really difficult. I wanted to keep as many of them as I could but I knew I would have to shorten it down to less than 30 images in order to keep my book interesting and keep people attracted to it. 66 more words

Photo Book

Final Design

I worked on my final design for a long time, I decided that I wanted to make it super simplistic, I am really happy with the final lay out of my book as it is eye catching and shows more details on the images by having a simple text and the images place on a square page really gives it more impact. 41 more words

Photo Book