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Photo Challenge: Shine

Nothing gets my attention faster and better than two things: A.Bunnies, and B.Shiny things. Sparkly things. Glittery things. (Yeah, I love glitter, so what? Life is too short not to sparkle, dammit!) So shiny things get my attention. 49 more words

Photo Challenge

Three Day Three Quotes challenge 2 - Shine

I am happy to thank  Natalia of Caboosemama Little Pleasures, for nominating me for this challenge. It was a lovely experience. I invite you all to visit Natalia’s blog, cheers! 68 more words

Photo Challenge

Shines of the Times

Here is all the Shine you’d wish —
And it comes with lots of fish.

When conditions aren’t so bright
Home is what will bring de-light! 6 more words


Carpe Diem Full Circle #2-2016

falling rain
young leaves drowning down the creek
buds not opened yet

on top of mountain
silence felt as birds fly
the monk in prayers… 59 more words

Photo Challenge

Thinking Pink Over Wenlock Edge: Thursday’s Special

All right. All right. Call it art theft if you like. I’ve captured one of the Wenlock Edge Sky Painter’s quirkier pieces and am passing it off as my own. 58 more words

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