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Shine- When the Lights Go Down in the City...

There’s something magical about a city when the sun goes down and nightlife begins. Every city reveals a new charm, new characters, and new opportunities to experience the local culture. 934 more words


October Photo Challenge – October 27th

Today’s challenge is favorite scream queen. To be honest, I don’t really have one. However, I do like a few actresses that are considered scream queens (I just haven’t seen the movies that they’re considered scream queens for, if that makes sense). 109 more words

Colorful Homes

Wherever we travel, we always enjoy seeing beautiful and colorful homes. Sometimes the scenery around a building can add to its beauty and sometimes it is just the building itself that sets the scene. 89 more words


Graveyard by Day

Clatsop Plains Pioneer Cemetery (est. 1846) in Clatsop County, Oregon USA

I grew up playing (respectfully) in this cemetery. It doesn’t look too scary now, but as a child, I had all sorts of imaginings about what might be lurking in the trees, or about stumbling across — or into — a sunken grave, or hearing otherworldly rustlings and voices just behind me. 23 more words


Shining Brightly

Lithuanian graveyards are bustling at this time of year, not with the dead (as some movies might suggest), but with the living. In every town, in every village, people gather in graveyards to tidy graves in preparation for All Souls’ Day ( 99 more words

My Food Odyssey