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Camera is my sketchbook

Carlos Khu is one photographer who doesn’t stop at the usual process that an adept photographer would¬†follow – visualizing , styling, clicking a great picture, then post production, leading to a beautiful product. 234 more words

Art Fetishes


It was fun this week to figure out who I wanted to interview for the Entrepreneur Interview we are doing in a couple weeks. I had a couple people I could pick from who have successfully started their own business, and are doing quite well. 64 more words

Photo Design


Giant tree shadow and temporary wall mural

St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas, 7:53 am, 21 February 2017



This week we are figuring out what our small business will be. I have recieved responses for my business idea options and am deciding to continue my wreath making business I just started about three weeks ago. 143 more words

Photo Design


It was interesting these past couple of weeks to read about different business ideas and plans that my fellow classmates have had. Some of them I wouldn’t have thought of, and other’s were very common. 93 more words

Photo Design