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It was interesting these past couple of weeks to read about different business ideas and plans that my fellow classmates have had. Some of them I wouldn’t have thought of, and other’s were very common. 93 more words

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Early morning sidewalk shadows

… so cool!



I thought this week’s case study was really amazing. It went along with my interview with the entreprenuer, and in making a difference. Here are some of my thoughts: 195 more words

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Calista+ - amazing photo design app

Hi, guys, this is Yi. I open a blog, want to share useful, interesting, amazing Apps with you. This is the first blog of me, I want to recommend  an App【Calista+】to you. 417 more words



This week we talked a lot about customer service and how to provide great customer service. I went out of the way to look for a couple good articles that implement good customer service, and how to achieve that status. 170 more words

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Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985

Guys! WE need to plan a field trip to see this amazing exhibition at the Hammer museum in L.A., up next September. From the curator: 195 more words