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Filters are awesome!

Aka: “Hooray to being able to fix my previously unusable photos!”

So, as you might know, The Fool does a bit of photography, but not enough to be totally competent at it. 318 more words

Everyday Rambling

art therapy

I uploaded a black and white selfie to Dreamscope and look what I got! Jenny Lawson posted about this app so I tried it out and it was a pretty okay time. 90 more words

Everything Else

Stop Naming Your Kids After Instagram Filters. Really.

Remember when people used to name their babies after C-list celebrities and fruits?

Neither do we. The latest ridiculous practice among new parents: Naming their defenseless offspring after Instagram photo filters. 171 more words


Apples and art

The previous post was about apples in beautiful nature, while this one is about how nature can create interesting patterns and imprint art on apple fruits. 53 more words


Using the Tools at your Disposal

Last week as we travelled the winding roads and peeks that  the colorful canvas of New York’s upstate beautiful landscape. Stopping often to enjoy the orchards and farms that served as the areas fuel for our bellies as well as a chance to stop to stretch our legs and breathe the mountain air.                 260 more words

Jersey City

Landscape Shooting

I realized today that I don’t actually have a blog post yet about landscapes – which seemed more than a little odd, given that it’s a large proportion of what I shoot.  790 more words

newsflash: instagram is filtered

Instagram is probably my favorite corner of the internet. Facebook is often lovely, but just as often feels like a room full of people shouting about their opinions, arguing with friends of friends about hot button issues, and a never-ending string of memes and click-bait stories from aggregation sites. 573 more words