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Picture Perfect with These 9 Apps!

Ready, aim, focus, and snap! You’ve captured a picture perfect moment but something’s off—maybe the lighting or perhaps a blemish that needs to be removed. Thankfully, apps exist to save the day and of course, edit all of our photos and videos. 827 more words

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Just Paint Over It, They'll Never Know

Another Sunday, another open house and this one, on the surface at least, was… passable. It was an old structure, possibly past its hundredth birthday with patches and paint-overs and very new siding. 463 more words

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Introduction to Using Photo Filters

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Filters are the addition to the ‘eyes of the camera’, your lens. Additive, subtractive and special effect are the three basic categories of filters. 976 more words


Midnight on the Palace Lake: Filtering Photography to Create Night Out of Late Afternoon

I can remember a number of times I visualized evening scenes when the sun was not yet done with offering a sunny day. In that distant past, I didn’t know too much concerning how to go about processing a shot to simulate night from day. 207 more words


The Magic of Photo Filters

I have been taking hundreds of photos of my kids every month since our eldest son graced our lives in 2007.  We have always invested in having a great quality camera to make sure our precious moments are captured the best we can.   469 more words