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Photo Friday

Excuse my half closed eye. Midst the hustle and bustle of what was by grandma’s birthday celebration last year, some of us stopped to take pictures (shhhh….guests were waiting). 67 more words

Photo Friday

Photo Friday

Hello everyone! We still have lots of cold and snow and wind outside, but I think an end just might be creeping into sight. The temperatures this week have seemed just a teensy bit higher and we’ve managed to get outside to play a couple of times, and next weeks it looks like things will be warming up just a bit more. 405 more words

Photo Friday: Her Last Words

“Let us go in; the fog is rising.”

–Emily Dickson


Photo Friday throwback time!

In honor of Bubbles’ well-received mention of Hoth, here’s a picture of him all dressed up for Halloween:

He’s four in this picture, and it was actually taken at Christmas – his grandma made him the costume as a Christmas gift and he wore it the following Halloween. ¬† 62 more words


Photo Friday: The Announcement

Well, my $%!#!@ loyal readers who have stuck around, it’s time you knew about¬†what I sort of alluded to with “having much to say this year” 293 more words

Photo Friday