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Summer Themed Picture Ideas for Instagram

Hey Bookish People,

The lovely weather and my approaching birthday has me thinking about how I can enjoy the beautiful months ahead. It also has me thinking about all the great photographs I’ll be able to take! 197 more words


Blogging Tips: Take Your Own Stock Images

While most of my photos have been shot outside, I do also like the idea to find things and scenes in my own apartment. It’s not just finding things, it’s also about experimenting with the gear that I have available. 181 more words


Photo Guide: How To Take Photos of Waterfalls

Since the release of the NJspots Maps, the Waterfalls and Lookout Spots map has been one of the more popular maps and rightfully so. In the world of travel and social media, it seems like all the trendy influencers are taking photos in front of massive waterfalls. 873 more words

Photo Guide: Knowing The Drone Photography Laws

When I first got my drone, all I wanted to do was fly. It felt like I had complete freedom to shoot whatever I wanted. I could fly it thousands of feet away and take photos from a perspective I never could before. 2,231 more words

Maternity Photo Ideas

As I’m waiting for my son to finally make his entrance, I’ve been passing the time with fun maternity photos sessions with my best friend and sister. 126 more words


Photo Guide: Drone Photography & Flying Around New Jersey

Tips on Finding Places to Fly in NJ (& Any Other Place You Travel To)

Living in NJ for a majority of my life and growing up doing photography here, you’d think I would run out of places to shoot. 1,128 more words