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Another impressionistic nature abstract from my recent experiment with intentional camera movement. I like this one because it looks, to my eye anyway, more like an abstract painting than what it actually is: grass along the shore of Lake Fulmor.


337/366 Labyrinth

I had an opportunity to attend a local open studio event hosted every year by artist, photographer, and author, Catherine Anderson. Her studio space is nothing short of amazing–everywhere you turn there is something to spark creativity and spirituality. 98 more words


336/366 Still Life with Pears and Pomegranate

Well, the pears are starting to turn a bit and Jack Henry is looking at me like “what are you waiting for?”

So here we are–the pomegranate still has some life in it though- 28 more words


335/366 Light and Shadow

December 1st and closing in on the end of this year’s 366 project. I had been thinking of a 31 Holidaze to close out the year and it may still sneak up on you, but for now, an image taken of the neighborhood street during a night-time downpour will have to suffice. 18 more words



Another of my attempts at photo impressionism, this image also taken during my recent visit to Lake Fulmor.


332/366 The Burning Bush

of an urban sort anyway–a neighbor’s tree photographed with Slow Shutter.

Image taken iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, and Stackables

For today: The Burning Bush



By the shores of Lake Fulmor; San Jacinto Mountains, CA