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Makeover Madness

of a sort. Here are three red balloons that fell into the clutches of the iPad-still needs a bit more work I think to pull out the outlines of a couple of the balloons’ shapes- 26 more words


Abstract Thoughts

of a dogwood tree down the street. I am drawn more and more to these kind of explorations. I think it might be the frustrated painter in me. 19 more words


Spotted in a Corner

I have a feeling that Hubble in his desperate quest to catch a squirrel knocked off the gothic-arched piece that was hanging on the back fence wall. 86 more words


How I did this: "Mirror Maru"

Guest post by Susy Kamber:

Photography in virtual reality settings is an ideal option for photographers who want to create works of art. Once the raw shot is taken, a photographer by using different editing programs can create styles reminiscent of art periods we are familiar with. 460 more words

Photo Impressionism

The Stuff We Leave Behind

Thoughts on the Old and Abandoned Landscape

Old cars and trucks rusting in fields are common place in the American landscape. Some photographers find an eerie sort of beauty in them, myself included. 171 more words


Cutting Edge?

Actually more like the cut tops off the strawberries shared among myself and the dogs. They love their berries-

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Tanglex Fx, Pic-Tap-Go and PhotoToaster-

For today: Tops



I got the iColorama S app a while back, but have not played around with it much. So today, I tried it out on a couple of different photographs. 49 more words