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Another of my attempts at photo impressionism. As with the ferris-wheel shot, this one was also taken during my recent afternoon at the county fair. Yes, it was loud, overstimulating, and crowded but the colors! :-)



So I braved the unpleasantness of the Riverside County Fair yesterday strictly for the photo ops and to experiment a bit with slow-shutter speed and intentional camera movement. 45 more words


Bees & Bots, and Velvet Sometimes

Sometimes, it is not always about focus.

Sometimes are softer than othertimes.

Sometimes, the softness opens us up to it…

…and sometimes…

…focus isn’t always… 37 more words


Joshua Tree National Park - Part 2

My First Desert Storm

For a guy from New Jersey, the the power of the desert is very impressive. It is a harsh environment that requires strength to survive, let alone thrive in. 737 more words


365/366 Pears in Shadow

Some late morning sun and some pears are today’s offering-

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables and Formulas-

For today: Pears in Shadow


364/366 Silent Night

It has been too warm here for fires, but I will settle for the twinkling of the lights on the mantle.

Image taken with Hipstamatic using the Chan lens and Panaji Film and processed with iColorama, Snapseed and Polamatic using the 600 presets- 6 more words


363/366 Mirrored

Another Hipstamatic experiment with a neighbor’s mirror-

Image taken with Hipstamatic using the Basel Pak and processed with iColorama and Formulas

For today: Mirrored