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268/366 An Urban Moon

Taken around 4 AM this morning right before the skies opened up with rain-one of my favorite times and places to take a picture or two- 21 more words


266/366 Blocks and Pony

Two thirds of the way through-100 days to go-will she make it?!

On another note, this summer I had the opportunity to sell two of my photographs. 103 more words


261/366 Backyard Composition

An interesting mix of leaves and what appears to be an old hollowed out something or other-You will probably be seeing a lot of these in the coming weeks-they are among my most favorite things to work with- 21 more words


260/366 Abundant

I forget what these berries are called-they will turn red here shortly and the birds are quite fond of them. When I saw this, it just struck me as lush and abundant-plenty for all. 19 more words


258/366 Where Leaves Pretend to be Fishes

Some leaves on the back step for today-

As I was processing this, it occurred to me that it was taking more of an underwater quality. 73 more words


257/366 I could not drink it, Sweet

A fountain in Uptown-paired with another Dickinson quote-

I could not drink it, Sweet,
Till You had tasted first,
Though cooler than the Water was… 36 more words


253/366 Movement and Light

A happy mistake (at least for me) became today’s photograph. I think I *took* this as I was walking into the house-I really cannot be sure. 83 more words