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The Wow Shot

From the Albums series. Can you see the wow? ;-)

Dam at BSM

This photo was taken just outside BSM, and manipulated with Tiffen DFX. Tiffen DFX is software that simulates glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction, plus natural light and photographic effects. 33 more words

Photo Manipulation

Kim Asendorf Response

Kim Asendorf creates his work from automation and computer glitches. He first explored generative graphics with a drawing software called “Rect”.

Kim Asendorf Response (Screenshots) 51 more words

Photo Manipulation

Day 2 - Streets -Photography 101

Took this shot when we were waiting for the light to change. My husband was driving. I took the shot around noon and then applied some filters and texture.


Keep Walking!

Unhappily Surprised

Just minding my own business, doing laundry at the lavanderia, when the tweakers walked by. They didn’t notice me, though :-)

Colours of the Rainbow

Pinks and Purples - © FairviewMedia, 2015