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Photo-manipulations/digital collage
Created 2015 by Tussila Spring

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Tussila's Creativity Vent

The Last Project, A Brief Introduction

Eyes On Him

On June 2, 2015, Mark January (aka Tiger, Frankie Nightingale, and Johnnie Stalin), my husband and the father of my youngest two children, died of head trauma at a hospital in Tijuana. 154 more words

Fruit On A Tree

Cherry Tree, oi

Both of them.

Cherry Tree, v1.1

Ripe for the picking.

Cherry Tree, v1.2

Yum yum!

Even One For Daima

Daima’s Jeep

If you recall, my son Daima was not listed among the family members who are car fans. I keep looking for something I could do a series of for Daima, but so far: no luck :'( 31 more words