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To My Sixteen Year Old Self,

To my sixteen year old self,

Don’t worry friend, it gets better.
Not easier, but better.
Not simpler, but better.

Once you stop focusing on everything that makes you angry and begin putting energy into what makes you happy.   629 more words


Facing Fears; You're it...

I have this belief that in order to overcome your fears, first and foremost you have to conquer your SELF. By self I mean YOU, and everything that points and tells you that you are afraid of whatever it is that makes you freeze in your body, sending sharp pains to the nerves at the ends of your toes and finger tips, makes your knees go weak, your back tense up, your arms go jelly and your head feel heavy. 473 more words

Creative Habit Week 2

Alright so this week for research we went to the art museum. Going into it I didn’t think I’d find anything related to my project but I was happily surprised when I found Robert Rauschenberg’s… 123 more words