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Pic and a Word Challenge #187: Seeing red

I’ve just returned from a week in Slovenia and this is the best I can do if you lend me a pro camera.

Seeing red… 477 more words
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Thursday Doors, 16/5/70: Ljubljana

Such a nice date that I’m a day late. Yesterday called for a bit of celebration, spurred on by the date in the title. Sorry, should have said 16/5/19. 454 more words

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Pic and a Word Challenge #186: Caught - you or I?

Today truly only one pic but more than one word, in apology to this Roman gentleman.

 You or I?

Hey you,
you doorsnapper,
tourist, 80 more words
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Lens-Artists PC & Day 29: A less-is-more meditation

Neither is less is more anywhere near my motto, nor I meditate as such. Let’s see then.

More is more and then some: that’s me. Anybody who comes to my blog can attest. 740 more words

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Day 27: The day pears got shaken

Poetry: the best words in the best order.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This quote, kindly borrowed from today’s prompt, is certainly what Mr. Shakespeare must have thought of his sonnets too.

284 more words
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Thursday Doors, 25/4/19 & Day 25: Five-sense doors of Bernardin

I’m not sure if the prompt-givers are aware of it, but last year almost to the day they asked for a five-sense poem as well. Last year sister provided just the door for it. 782 more words

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Day 23: Oh my dog

Today things will be pretty straightforward: a poem about an animal, they say. It can be only one.

Challenge 23: “I’d like to challenge you today to write a poem about an animal.” … 462 more words

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