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October Sunrise

This morning the gray horizon was surprised

By the smiling, gold, October sun


Surprise Party and more...

┬áBeing able to create a montage to show at a surprise birthday party is rewarding…but to be able to capture the look on her face as she walks into a room full of her friends and family is PRICELESS! 199 more words

Beyond Video

Pumpkin Shadows

Shadows of summer cast on the body of autumn


e: The origins of photomontage || first images

From starting with Helen Sear’s photomontages/ mixed media pieces I have begun to investigate how a three layer image could work with one of the layers providing solely the layer mask. 523 more words

Part 1: The Constructed Image

Later photomontages

The previous post showed some of the fairly old work that I had produced and which bear a relationship to the photomontages as start for this course. 210 more words

Part 1: The Constructed Image

Earlier photomontages

Having started working on exercise 1_1 – photomontage, I wanted to go back to earlier work that I have done to start looking at how I had worked with layering images – photographs, drawings, scans, various form of printmaking (screen and photographure) – to get a sense of a base point where I am starting from but also to remind myself what the processes and interests were that had led me – 4, 5 years ago – towards these approaches. 715 more words

Part 1: The Constructed Image