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Panning Project

This assignment is designed to introduce us to the concepts and techniques involved in panning. Panning is a technique used to produce photographic prints that provide the viewer with a sense of movement. 164 more words

Photo Projects

Sami | Washington D.C., USA

I brought my new camera to Washington D.C. and Baltimore this weekend in order to play with it and get to know the camera.  As a new project I am trying to practice taking pictures of people.   48 more words

Michelle Bohrson

Double Exposure

The goal of this project was to learn and apply the technique of the double exposure on a portrait of a person and using a landscape image taken by the student.   161 more words

Photo Projects

All the Missing People

These past ten days have been a bit of a marathon.  The first five were spent in Winnipeg.  I got selected for random security screening both on my way there and back.  362 more words

Portrait Project

This project was similar to the last, where portraits were to be taken, except the goal of this one was to capture our partner in the photos we took of them.   192 more words

Photo Projects