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Lake Light


Just yesterday I got back from the most relaxing vacation.

Brad and I headed back east for his brother’s wedding, and ended up making a trip out of it.   266 more words

Traveling Kels

What A Week

Is it really Friday already?

I’m facing my weekly “opposite schedule of the world” sadness this afternoon.  Especially today.  Everyone is gearing up for a fun, long weekend, and my “work week” is just beginning.   143 more words

Foodie Kels

Colors of Spring

Sometimes during the cold winter months of potatoes and hearty green kale, you forget how much color there is in the world.

And then weeks like this week happen.   172 more words

Foodie Kels

Concussions to Sugar Cravings

So, I hit my head.  Hard.

It’s a stupid story, but let’s just say that the rest of last week didn’t go as expected. 430 more words

Foodie Kels

March Madness Roundup

In like a lion, out like a lamb, right?

I feel like that March lamb is still on it’s way, but the lion that was this March sure kept us on the run. 505 more words


Words From the Bathroom Wall

Sometimes, you find inspiration in the strangest places…



Beauty is All Around

Yea so remember when I told you that I was inspired by Beyonce’s guerrilla-like filming for some of her new videos?

Well… on New Years Eve I was super inspired.   93 more words