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I started to have this home-management project idea 3 years ago in 2014. A Mission Almost Impossible (2014)   I gave up in the middle of it.   179 more words


Marcel Littig: "Altogether, I scanned 800 photos today...For me it is a 100% recommended product."

User:           Marcel Littig

Country:    Germany

Product:    ePhoto Z300

User Review:
  Hi, I want to share something about my experience with the Plustek ePhoto Z300.  I’m excited.   148 more words

Photo Scanning

Mrs. Ji's Open Box Review on Plustek ePhoto Z300

User:         Mrs. Jii

Country:    Taiwan

Product:    ePhoto Z300

User Review Abstract :

I had imagined it would be kind of complicated to operate the scanner.  However, to my surprise, I simply drop the photo or document in, the scanner automatically detects it and whizzes through. 149 more words

Photo Scanning

Photo Digitalisation... once again

Yes, I m doing this again…

I failed to accomplish this task I decided to complete last year… I thought it through, identify the causes of my failure and here I am!

Full Time Mum

What's right and what may be wrong with high-speed photo scanning

Is a high-speed scanner right for your photos?

If you have a large collection of photos that you’d like to digitize either to better enjoy them (i.e., by creating photo books) or back them up, high-speed scanning is probably your most affordable option since it requires the least amount of human intervention… 221 more words

How do you use and manage your photos?

Your opinion matters.

Managing our digital photos, along with our printed photos, is getting increasingly difficult! The number of photos we take is staggering compared to even 5 years ago. 95 more words


Organizing Your Digital Vacation Photos Series: Step 1 (3 Steps to Creating Powerful, Searchable Folders)


Today you’ll begin a journey that will change your life. This statement might seem a bit bold, but if you’re drowning in photos and the stress of it all has you teetering on the brink of photo insanity, then it is a very accurate statement.   1,980 more words