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Facebook is testing a feature to prevent profile pictures being abused by other users

Facebook is introducing a new feature to give users peace of mind around how their profile photo can be used and accessed by others.

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How To Master Google Photos

It’s no secret that I like to take photos. I now take all my shots using my Nexus 6 smartphone. My go to app is Google Photos. 51 more words


I May Have Left The Photo Retail Business, But I Still Love Photography

It was exactly on my birthday in August, two years ago, that I signed the papers that allowed me to exit the photo retail business.

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Blogging With Instagram, Not A Fan

Instagram is a wildly popular photo sharing app that has made sharing of everything you see easier and fun. I don’t think it’s meant to be a blogging platform. 162 more words

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Miso Happy is a 3D selfie app that rocks the uncanny valley

Move over duckface. Shove off rainbow spew. There’s a new selfie game in town and it wants to turn your 2D visage into uncannily accurate 3D — then splice that axiomatic piece of you into animated cartoon suits that rock out, strut their disco stuff, skateboard, look coy, relaxed or laugh maniacally. 1,396 more words


How Many Users?

Pop Quiz CTL what service has 1/2 billion users?  Go to the head of the class if you guessed Google Photos. Google is self declaring that this is your photo app of choice. 44 more words