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reflection of the moon

Luminosity: The total amount of light an object radiates

Yakamoz: Turkish word for the reflection of the moon as it shines upon the water

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Photo Shop

Just because I can ~ Remembering back...

I’ve taken a break from working on my illustrations for my short story I want to release in the Fall, or that was the plan in the beginning when I started using the Pen Tablet in harmony with my computer. 765 more words


Second Potato Harvest ~ Container Gardening...

This second potato harvest on August 30th 2016 was going to produce a smaller yield than the first harvest where I had planted potatoes in a much larger container. 328 more words


Standing Guard

I had to wonder if this bird was watching other birds, or perhaps me sitting in the garden watching it. I raised the camera slowly not actually thinking I’d get a good enough picture to see it properly, but after taking the picture into photo shop to lighten up the picture I could see it more clearly. 18 more words