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Just a simple gesture for all of my friends here...

I’ve been playing around with creating a Light Box for taking pictures with my digital camera. The reasons are simple, Winter is around the corner for me here in Northern Ontario, Canada and since I’m only out in the snow to blow it with my handy dandy snowblower I need things to do over the winter. 481 more words


This is too funny and cute not to share

Do you think there’s a relation?

My pup and a Fennec Fox

Thank you Pete, for showing me this link…

Courtesy of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fennec_fox#/media/File:10_Month_Old_Fennec_Fox.jpg

Courtesy of: … 24 more words



Three and a half years ago, I found this little kitten in my drive way. Starved, frozen, unable to walk, she lay in the bushes, hidden from the ice wind of winter in Denmark. 1,042 more words


Recognition ~ Haiku


Somber tears absorb

The grains are strong, yet porous

Saturating me

Haiku by: Laura Scott

Until next time


My pup and I beg you all to have a peaceful day and evening