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Walking the Walk and Saving My Own Ta-Tas

Turning 40 this year was more than a milestone.  It meant I would qualify for annual mammograms.  Now, I would have to take action to save my own ta-tas with a baseline mammogram. 297 more words


Give Me Some Skin

When Allana walks the dog, she finds the most interesting things.  The other day she spotted a snake skin in the yard.

Thank goodness the snake was nowhere to be found. 8 more words


Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge: Sweet Summer Finale

By the third day of school Allana was tired of matching her sister.  “Why does Emmalynn have to match me?  I don’t want anyone to match me.” 64 more words


Packages? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Packages!

Originally, I was going to title this Friday Food Fight post after a really bad joke I remembered reading as a small child on a… 200 more words


Who You Calling Turkey?

I love when this…

becomes this.

I love leftovers.  When I really enjoy a meal, I’ll dream of that delicious dinner and can’t wait to dig into it the next day.   343 more words