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Photo-Tagging Apps Cause Privacy Concerns

Photo-tagging apps and social media networks are causing privacy concerns. “When you consider the 3.5 trillion analog photos and billions of more recent digital pictures in existence, our images—in some form or another—may be entrapped in a stranger’s photo album without consent. 49 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Facebook's working on auto-tagging us in videos

Has anybody ever captured your image as you lunged at them, screaming “STOP THE TAGGING MADNESS!!”?

No? Well, maybe you’ll have more reason to lunge now that the madness is slated to reach its taggy little fingers into video. 638 more words


Amazon Snaps Up Image Recognition Startup

Amazon has bought Orbeus, a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in image recognition, according to Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources.

Orbeus is the company behind ReKognition, a tool that software developers can use to add facial or object recognition to their own products. 382 more words