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Photo Tip: Get Eye-to-Eye with Animal Photography

One easy way to improve your animal photography is to change perspective. Think about getting the shot from the animal’s eye level; most often that will mean to get low. 381 more words


Enveloped // Snack Attack {Photo Challenge}

After school, after ballet, after playing in the backyard, my girls are always looking for a snack! Luckily, they love fruit, it is nature’s candy after all! 323 more words


Wall // She's Tough {Photo Challenge}

My community is really quite lovely. It’s in San Diego, California, and it’s a suburb with a “country living” vibe. It’s a great community, and even though it’s rather large (we have 4 public elementary schools, with about 600 – 800 in each school!), it has a very close, small town feel. 500 more words


Stuff Photography Beginners Need to Know When Shooting Birds

While I am in Maui, I wrote this helpful post on photographing birds. Each year I offer more information to those just starting out. Photographing birds may look easy but not so without a few tips on setting your camera for the greatest success. 747 more words


Foggy Day Dec 3, 2014

I just love fog and rain. Walking in it and especially taking “foggy” photos. So this morning I just had to rush to the lake before sunrise to get a few pictures. 18 more words

Just Because

Travel with your heart, not just your camera.

The above photo was taken on an amazing hot air balloon experience in Cappadocia, Turkey, thanks to Experta and The Gallipoli Artist. It captures perfectly what my heart was feeling … The appreciation of wide open spaces, the beauty of autumn in Love Valley and yet a few other balloons off in the distance to remind me that I was not alone. 824 more words