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Photographing People Part IV: Payment and Model Releases

In this photographing people series, I’ve discussed the golden rule, the approach, and putting your subject at ease. Now I’ll cover the sometimes sticky subject of payment and the hot topic of model releases. 524 more words


Photographing People Part III: Putting Your Subject at Ease

In my previous post I mentioned how I ask for permission when photographing people and in my first post I discussed lens selection. Today I’ll discuss how to work with the subject to put them at ease and make the best photographs possible. 421 more words


Photo Tips: Aperture Infographic

Do you have any helpful tips that you like to use to help you with aperture? Let us know in the comments!

– Hazel

Infographic © 2015 Hazel Arroyo


How To Photograph Flying Birds

Each year I offer more information to those just starting out photographing birds. It may look easy but not so without a few tips on setting your camera for the greatest success. 698 more words


6 Ways to Free Yourself from Photographer's Block

At one point or another, we’ve all gotten into a creative rut. Sometimes it just feels like you’ve run out of things to photograph. Sometimes you just don’t feel like taking pictures anymore. 497 more words


ISO: What? Why? ...what?

Film speed is the way to measure the light sensitivity of film or digital imaging systems. This is measured using a numerical scale. The common modern scale is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization – I have no idea why it isn’t IOS, but I don’t make the rules). 347 more words


Clouded Leopard

This morning was spent with several budding bird photographers in my first Getting Started in Bird Photography class with Capital Photography Center. Walking the paths of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, they had the opportunity to develop their technical skills to capture beautiful bird images. 507 more words